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One Login - multiple users

EByerEByer Approved! Accountant Posts: 37 Expensify Admirer

I have a client that wants a few of his employees to access Expensify using only 1 account (one set of login credentials). Does anyone know if they do this, whether they will all be able to download the Mobile App on each phone and still access it using one login?

Best Answer

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,318 Expensify Team
    edited March 20 Accepted Answer

    Hello @EByer, thanks for posting. Ideally, each employee will have their own Expensify account and create their own reports. Sometimes though, individual use cases differ from the ideal so to achieve this each employee should have their own account that is then set up as a Copilot to a shared account.

    Using this method, your client would ensure that there is a clear audit trail of who is taking specific actions on reports, lets each employee have their own set of login credentials, and lets them all download and use the mobile app to upload expenses into the shared account.

    The typical workflow for your client's employees would be:

    1. Use the website or mobile app to access Expensify,
    2. Copilot into the shared account,
    3. Upload expenses and edit/submit reports,
    4. Return to their own account.

    It will important to note a few different things:

    • When an employee copilots in and makes changes or edits to a submitted report, we will list which copilot took the actions in the Reports History & Comment section.
    • If an employee uploads an expense into their own account, they will need to upload into the shared account as well, there isn't a way to transfer expenses between the two.
    • An account can have as many copilots as needed.
    • Employees can still use email forwarding to send receipts to the copilot account, they'll just need to remember to put the shared account's email in the subject line when forwarding to [email protected]


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