How can I merge two reports?

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Hi all. I have concierge turned on and it automatically split up a report that I created and retracted one half of it. Can anyone help me with how to change it back so that it's one report vs split. I'm afraid of losing my data and starting over as it took a lot of hours to create


  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @mattO_1 Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    It sounds like you had violations on your report - if you don't fix these before the scheduled submission date, the report will be broken up. The expenses without violations will be submitted, and the expenses that need fixing will be held back on a different report.

    The fastest way to put them back together is actually to retract the one which submitted and delete one of the reports (from the web app). This will put all the expenses on the deleted report back to Unreported. (You won't lose any coding or comments)

    Then you simply go to your expenses page, filter for Unreported, select all and add them to the other report.

    Then, of course, you want to review all the expenses to make sure they're ready for submission! =)

    You should have an inbox task on both mobile and web which will tell you at any given time what needs fixing, and you can click Begin Review to see what needs doing.