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Receipt numbering order changes when generating pdf file

AzteekkariAzteekkari Expensify Customer Posts: 5 Expensify Newcomer

Generating pdf changes the receipt numbering from time-of-entry to time-of-expense-date. This makes phone discussions with reviewers very complicated as I must not view the Expensify App/Web report but the pdf-print. Additionally, I can't make on-line corrections/changes to my report during the review call as I need to keep my eyes on the pdf, not Expensify.

This is a BUG that has been flagged by a multitude of users in various other threads. Concierge describes it as a "feature" that may or may not get an "enhancement" at an undisclosed time. In most Apps bug-fixing is daily/weekly/monthly activity by the App provider, not launching "enhancements".

I'm expecting Expensify to simply fix this bug that provenly disturbs many of the users.

PS. Generally Expensify's Concierge support has been extraordinarily good - this one issue seems to be failing all over...

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