Exporting expense reports to Quickbooks online

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I "reimbursed" some expense reports on 8/25. The ones that were under $100 show as "confirmed", and the reports exported to QB. The ones over $100 show as "withdrawing" and the reports have not exported to QB. Our bank account was charged for these "withdrawing" reports on 8/28, but the expense reports have not exported to QB. When will this happen, or do I have to export them manually?

In the past, I have exported these reports to QB manually, but when I do that, the wrong bank account is selected, and I have to modify the payment to the correct bank account.



  • CPeterson
    CPeterson Expensify Customer Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer

    I just noticed that even the payment for reports that are under $100 export to the wrong bank account. How do I change the bank account that the payments post to?

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @cpeterson, thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! To change the bank account your payments are exporting to please navigate to your Settings > Policies > click on [company policy] name > Connection tab > click Configure button under the QuickBooks connection > Advanced tab. (Below)

    Additionally, I did want to share a bit of information about when to expect the export of reports to happen when reimbursable or non-reimbursable expenses are on the report.

    With auto-sync for QuickBooks Online, when a non-reimbursable report is final approved in Expensify, we will automatically queue it for export to QuickBooks Online. However, if a withdrawal account has been added for ACH reimbursement, any reimbursable expenses will be auto-synced to QuickBooks Online when the report is either marked as reimbursed or enabled for reimbursement.

    If reports didn't export according to the above information, please share a report ID with me of a report I can see this on and I'll take a closer look. Thanks!