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Hello, how can I deactivate a user in my group? Thanks

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    @tleung1229 -- There are multiple options for how to handle termed employees in Expensify, but the option you choose will largely depend on your company's internal processes and how you're set up in Expensify.

    In general, we recommend waiting to remove termed employees from your policy until after you've approved, reimbursed, or exported their last report in Expensify. When you delete an employee from your policy, their Expensify account still exists, but they are no longer able to create or submit expenses on the company policy.

    Additionally, you and any other policy admin who already have access to view the termed employee's submitted reports will retain that access. You can search for reports using the termed employee's email address from the Reports page.

    If your company has Domain Control validated in Expensify, a domain admin will have the option to delete the employee's actual Expensify account (by removing the employee from the domain). Some companies choose to delete employees from Domain Control, but others simply move the termed employees into a "Terminated Employees" group in domain control.

    If you have questions about what is right for your team, let me know a little more about your setup and I can help!