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I'm wondering how to change the currency of a report I have made? I can't seem to do it in the app because it says I need to validate my email? Is there any way to do this on the website?


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  • Isabela Stisser
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    Hey @g_hurst1983 , thanks for posting to the Community!

    I just checked your account and your email is validated so you should be good to go! =)

    To provide some context on report currency, expenses will be shown using the expense amount converted to the report output currency. This is set on the Policy level and you can find it under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Reports.

    Please also note that any changes made to default output currencies will only apply to reports created after the change has been made. You will need to manually adjust the currency on any Open reports created under the previous settings by selecting the settings cog on the right panel of the report and the correct currency from the dropdown list.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!