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Hi Expensify Gurus,

My company is just starting out with Expensify, so I apologize if this is a common knowledge question.

We are in the process of getting out corporate card feed imported from our bank, but we've discovered that a lot of the executives only use their corporate cards for large expenses and user personal cards for everything else.

Can Expensify handle a user with multiple payment methods? What are some best practices that you have run into with the situation above.

Any help would be most appreciated!

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  • Isabela Stisser
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    Hey @sushicat_san ! Welcome to Expensify and to the Community, your questions are always welcome here! =)

    Expensify can definitely handle multiple card accounts being associated with single users. Company cards can be assigned to users by Domain Admins via Domains, and users can also import personal cards in their Account Settings.

    Users can differentiate personal cards from company cards by checking the icon displayed on their accounts. A card icon indicates the expense was imported from a personal card, and a locked card icon indicates the transaction was imported from a managed company card:

    Please note that all credit card transactions will be automatically imported to users' accounts and they will be able to filter the transactions coming from each card by heading to their Expenses page.

    Once they filter the expenses coming from specific cards, they can finally add the expenses to specific reports for submission and approval.

    You can find more information on personal and company card management here.

    Hope that's helpful and please reach out if you have more questions!

  • Isabela Stisser
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    Hi @sushicat_san! Yep, users can definitely add cash expenses and SmartScan their receipts in Expensify, regardless of whether they have corporate card expenses automatically importing or not.

    To provide more context here, you can think of your Expenses page as a list of all your transactions - both card imports and cash expenses.

    When you add a receipt to Expensify, the receipt will either attach to a matching credit card transaction, or add the receipt as a cash expense if it can not find a card transaction. Either way, it will be added to the Expenses page so that you have a comprehensive view of all your expenses.

    Feel free to take a look at this help doc for more information on how SmartScanned receipts merge with bank card expenses.

    Hope that helps! ;)