Personalize your commercial card feed name!

Isabela Stisser
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edited December 2018 in Product Updates

You asked and we listened! Domain Admins now have the ability to rename and personalize company card feeds in Domain Control.

Previously, if you had a commercial bank feed connected in Domain Control, we would display a generic feed name in order for users to identify it: VCF for Visa, CDF for MasterCard and GL1025 for Amex.

In the past, if you had multiple card programs imported from Visa, for example, you probably remember getting confused about which VCF to choose (1, 2, 3, etc.).

This confusion is long gone, folks! You can now head to Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards and rename the card feed however you would like.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to the card feed name you would like to edit, type the new desired name and boom, you are done!

This improvement should absolutely make deciphering between card feeds easier for Admins and their users moving forward!

You can find more information on personal and company card management here.