Bulk Moving Expenses from one Report to Another

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I'm trying to move bulk expenses from one report to another. The ideal workflow would be to have the option to change reports on the "Edit Multiple" pop up, but I can't find anything similar. Presently the only way seems to be to bulk tag with a temporary tag (e.g. "migrating expenses"), then to filter the expenses by that tag and re-add those to the new report. However, that's tedious and annoying.



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    Hi @Tegz - thanks so much for posting in the Expensify Community! We've addressed this previously here

    you can't merge them, but consolidating is a pretty quick process.

    Simply go to your Reports page and delete the reports you don't want. Then go to the Expenses page, hit the 'Unreported' filter button, select all (or all of the expenses you want to report) and Add to Report.

    Another user here on the Community, @tylerzoll also has an Idea with some votes we'd love to add yours too as well! To vote on this idea, head to this link!

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    Hi @Ted_Peeters , thank you for the response. However, that's not quite what I'm looking for. I'm not interested in merging two reports, just reallocating expenses from one report to another. Quite often i'll have several reports open at the one time and SmartScans are automatically added to whichever report the concierge determines is the best fit. I would like to be able to "edit multiple" receipts and from there simply choose a different report. I've attached a mockup FYI.

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