Company Cards Webinar Q&A - 13 September 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


I wanted to see the merge of scanned and downloaded expenses.
That's a little difficult to show on a live webinar, but when a card transaction imports it should automatically merge with the receipt expense. The expense icon will change from a 'cash' icon to a card icon.

At the end of each month can I import a bank statement and Expensify makes automatic conciliation with registered expenses?
"Connecting a bank feed or direct card connection is essentially the same as importing a bank statement, but it imports as the transactions post to the bank account.
Feel free to take a look at this help doc for more information on how SmartScanned receipts merge with bank card expenses. Users can upload a OFX/CSV file of their bank statement into their personal account, but it's not as easy to manage as a feed/direct connection.

Why would someone add their personal card?
Typically users may have out-of-pocket expenses incurred on their personal credit card which they need to be reimbursed for. Or, some users that don't belong to a company policy might want track their personal expenses. Even if they belong to a company policy users still have the option to import their own expenses and keep them in their personal policies for management.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

If companies use this dashboard to reconcile expenses, does it mean that they do not reconcile the account statements in their linked accounting system?
It's totally up to the companies to choose if they want to reconcile in Expensify only or also on the accounting software side. Most companies who use QBO and Xero do both.


Is there a clean way to handle when you're integrated with NetSuite and the corporate card is under one subsidiary but the charges need to be allocated to another subsidiary?
They key thing is that there is a GL account setup for the card under the subsidiary that you are connecting in NetSuite. You will not be able to code an expense to a subsidiary GL code which is not on the Policy.

Can the reconciliation be exported to QuickBooks Enterprise (Desktop)?
Definitely! To export a report to QuickBooks Desktop, click into the report and click Export to at the top of the report. If you wish to export multiple reports at once, go to the Reports page and click the checkbox next to each report. Then click the Export to button in the upper right corner of the page. NB: it is the Expense report which is exported and not the data from the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

If reconciled in Expensify but I export to QB - how does QB know it is now a reconciled account?
This will depend on your export options and the version on QB. In QBO, most companies still pull in their bank statement and match it again.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

If a user needs to code company credit card items but then uses a personal card and then needs to submit an expense report to be reimbursed, how is that reported/ captured?
The expenses can all go on the same report. A company card will be denoted with a credit card + lock icon, a personal card will be a plain credit card icon and a cash or unmerged expense will show a dollar bill + coins icon. Each expense can be flagged as reimbursable or non-reimbursable and will have a footnote on the report to show which is which.

What happens when there is a missing expense in Expensify but it is on a statement?
If this ever happens, do a thorough search, then email [email protected] if you cannot find it and our support team can assist. Make sure you include Merchant, Date and Amount!


Can you walk through the ability to get select credit card expenses to auto-pay when approved by Expensify? (Via policy?)
Are you referring to auto reimbursement once reports that contain credit card expenses are approved?

I believe so.... (researching for a client)
Great! You can definitely set up a threshold for your policy and as long as the reports don't exceed that amount, Expensify will auto reimburse users.

Can an employee categorize expenses as they scan a receipt?
Yes, employees can definitely select a category while the receipt is SmartScanning, they simply hit 'Add details'.

Can you only export individual expenses to csv as opposed to a complete statement - basically what has been posted from the credit card against what has been matched by employee?
You can definitely export multiple expenses at a time. Please check this help doc. You would want to filter by the card number, then only select those with receipt images.

Is there a separate section for the cash reimbursements by employee? Similar to the view you just showed of the company card expenses by employee?
On the expenses page, you can filter by reimbursable expenses, with a status of 'reimbursed'.

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