Admin Webinar Q&A - 09 October 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Will you be showing what it looks like for employees?
If you'd like to see the end user side of things, I recommend viewing an Employee Training webinar.

What are the next steps to getting an account set up for our organization? Does somebody from the team follow up?
You can simply create a Policy, and get started!

Is there an OCR technology to read receipts and automatically fill in expense reports based on the receipt's photo?
This is exactly what SmartScan + Scheduled Submit does.

Where can we see all the additional webinars you offer?
We have them all available on our Community.


Can you show us how an admin reviews and "approves" a report?
They can do this by clicking into the Report and hitting 'Start Review'. You can find more info on this here.

If you reject an expense on a report, is the employee able to go back in and edit what they need/resubmit under the same report? We tried this yesterday and the employee ended up submitting a supplemental report. They are remote so I wasn't able to see what they were seeing.
No, they will need to create a new report. Unless you reject the entire report, which is also an option.

Can multiple Employees contribute expenses to the same report?
No. A report can only be associated with one user, but the other users could be Copilots to add to the one user's account. However this could be a messy approach, so proceed with caution.

So, to track expenses for a team on a project by project basis, would I do that through the Tags feature? By tagging each expenses with the appropriate tag corresponding to the project? I need to be able to separate and track expenses on a project by project basis.
Yes, that's definitely one good way to track projects and is the approach that most companies use.

Can you please show how to re-categorize an expense that was incorrectly categorized by the employee?
To re-categorize an expense, the report will need to be in an Open or Processing state. You'll simply click on the expense in question and update the category appropriately.

How do I close out expenses?
You would close reports, or approve/reimburse them - it will depend on your workflow. Please find information here.

Is maximum expense amount per receipt/expense?
Yes, that is correct!


What is your suggestion for set up for employees who have both a company card and expenses that need to be reimbursed?
These expenses can all be handled on the same policy! Expenses can be marked reimbursable/non-reimbursable on the individual level, and only expenses marked reimbursable will be reimbursed.

Can an expense be reimbursed and billable?
Yes, it can. It just means that the company pays the employee, and also bills the client.

Managing People

Is the co-pilot basically making that person an admin for your account only?
It's more like making them an assistant for the user, so they can use the user's account as if they are that user. If the user is a policy admin, they will also have admin access for the Policy.

Can you talk about the merge accounts function?
When you merge accounts, your data will be merged from one account into the other. All of your reports, imported cards, secondary logins will be brought into your new account.

If my company uses a 3rd party payroll service can I delegate access or include them as part of the "policy workflow"?
Absolutely! You'll want to invite them to the policy. If they just need read only access, you can set their user role as "Auditor."

Can there be more than one approver?
Yes! You can create a chain of multiple approvers. Please find more information here.

Can the approval workflow be overridden?
Yes, if you do not have 'Workflow Enforcement' enabled under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People, users can change who they approve to. Even if you do have this on, a Policy Admin can 'take control' of a report to Approve it themselves.

Can you explain again the 'approves to' in grey?
Every column pertains to the user in Column 1. So Approves To refers to who the reports go to next, once the user in Column 1 approves them. Please find more information here.

Can different policies have different approval workflows?
Absolutely! This is a great use case for different policies.

Is it possible to upload the policy approval flow from an excel file for instance, or would I have to add one person and his/hers workflow at the time?
You can definitely do this. Find instructions here.

A client included me as her accountant when she set her Expensify account up. How do I link into her account now as her accountant?
Do you mean that you were added as a Copilot?

No, she added my email address on her initial set up as the accountant.
Aha - this means she is using your accountant discount. She will still need to invite you as a user.

Billing & Ownership

Is there an additional cost per policy?
Nope, a user will only be billed for one no matter how many policies they are active on, as long as the billing owner is the same for all Policies.

Is billing the same regardless of the number of reports filed by an individual active user?
Yes, that's correct!

Are Admins counted as users for billing purposes?
Yes. Expensify defines an active user as anyone that has edited (i.e. created, submitted, approved, exported, etc.) report data on a Policy in a given month.

Are copilots counted as users for billing purposes?
Yes, if they take report action, they will be counted as a billable user.

Are we billed by policy or by user?
Billing is based on active users. Expensify defines an active user as anyone that has edited (i.e. created, submitted, approved, exported, etc.) report data on a Policy in a given month.

I'm confused, are we billed separately for each policy in addition to a general account?
No, you are billed based on active users who use a paid Policy. The Expensify user account itself is free. Please find more info on this here.

So if I have 10 users, but 2 policies, and 6 are on one, and all 10 are on the other, how is that billed?
You would be billed for 10 users, as the other 6 are the same 'active users'.

Did I understand correctly when you said that if I have 1 user with access to more than 1 policy I will still just get charged for that 1 user?
Yes, that is correct.

About billing: When does the billing start? Already at creating a new account or only when expense reports are being submitted?
The billing run for Team and Corporate Policies runs on the first of the month, for any action taken in the prior month. This includes both Policy creation and report submission/approval and begins after your Trial period has ended. Please find more info on how billing works here.

Payment info goes in under "account", but applies to entire "policy", right?
Yes, payment entered on the account level applies to any policies owned by that user.


Is there a way to show the general ledger account numbers when employees are adding expense codes?
In order to see GL codes in Expensify, you would need to update the account name to include its GL Code. This means, if you just want to see the code, instead of a category/account name, you would just replace that account name with the GL Code on the integration side. Once completed, you will want to sync your connection to import any changes to the account list.

Is a tag the same as a class in QBO?
Classes is often one thing that Tags are used for, but it depends how you have your classes defined within your QuickBooks Online integration. These settings can be found at Settings > Policies > [your policy] > Connections > QBO > Configure.

So will the non-reimbursed expenses on the company card sync with the bank feed in QBO or create a duplicate transaction?
To avoid duplicates, export from Expensify to QuickBooks Online first, then add the expenses from the connected card or account in QuickBooks Online. This will allow the expenses to match, removing any duplicates.

Is the coding synced?
Yes, the coding will come through a Categories and Tags or Report Fields depending on your setup.

If I change a code in the in QBO, will it code and sync Expensify?
When you make changes on the integration side, you will need to sync the connections and changes will appear in Expensify. You may like to consider enabling AutoSync on your configuration.

Can you go through a connection that is not a direct connection, for example your oracle connection is a file output, at least is my understanding.
Sorry, we can't cover this in today's webinar, but yes it's a simple CSV export. Please find more information on this here.

Is there a way to edit the chart of accounts once it has been submitted?
Are you using an accounting integration? If so, when you update your chart of accounts, you can sync the integration and the updates will pull into Expensify. But if the Report has been submitted/approved etc the Admin may need to adjust the coding before exporting.

We are using an indirect integration..... Oracle. If the chart of accounts has been upload, can you edit the COA once it has been uploaded?
Yes, you can either re-import the chart or manually adjust as needed at the Expensify end.
Is there a webinar that is a better place to start for Admins of QB Desktop integration?
We don't have a webinar for accounting integrations but you can find more info on this here.

Company Cards & Domain Control

I would like to receive the link to the Company card webinar.
You can register here.

Does Domain control have any functionality if company credit cards are not being used?
Yes, definitely! Particularly for restricting account creation, login method and Policy use. Please find more info on this here.

Is there a way to designate a specific card as non-reimbursable?
No, but you can designate a whole Policy as non-reimbursable.

What about purchases made with company-issued credit cards (not requiring reimbursement)?
For expenses that do not require reimbursement, the user will want to uncheck the "Reimbursable" option on the expense level.

My company has more than one domain. Can I include both domains?
Absolutely! You can have multiple domains under domain control.


When a client doesn't add us as co-pilot but instead as an admin user in their policy, how do we set supplier rules in their policy?
Users must set Expense Rules on their personal account settings. This is not a policy-wide setting, so Copilot will be the only way for another user to access.

I imported our expense categories, but I haven't been able to delete the default Expensify categories. This has the potential to create confusion when reporting expenses. Is there a way to do this?
If you import from an accounting software, this should override the categories. If you import manually, you should also be able to delete manually. Please reach out to [email protected] if you're still having trouble.

Can you have expense go through the workflow but be designated to not reimburse directly to the employee?
Yep -- just have the employee uncheck the "Reimbursable" checkbox on the expense, and they will not be reimbursed for that expense.

Can you show us how an admin would track spending for all employees on a policy, broken down by expense category?
You simply go to the Expenses page and filter by category, and view on screen. Or export all data in a date range to CSV and analyze in your favorite spreadsheet program.

Can you have a different policy specifically for cash transactions?
Yes, this is definitely possible, though if card expenses and cash expenses are subject to the same "rules" within your company, we do not recommend creating a separate policy for them.

Great. I just want to have a different receipt minimum.
Got it! This sounds like a great reason to create a separate policy!

Are Categories and Tags specific to a policy. That is, would a specific cat/tag combo only apply to the policy in which you create it?
Yes, that's correct!

Is there a limit to the number of Tags that can be created?
No, you can create as many as you would like!

I'm thinking to use specific project numbers, which would only increase over time.
Most companies import them from a spreadsheet and regularly 'clean' them out - if the project is no longer active you won't need to use it again. But the historical tags will still show on historical reports.

Did you say that tags are only on the corporate plan?
Tags are available on all subscriptions.

Can we track budgets with policies per person?
No, this will be applied to the entire policy and all users under the policy. Beware of creating a policy per person - it can become an administrative nightmare very quickly. You may prefer to do regular exports from the Expenses page instead.

If I already have a policy, how do I update/reconfigure it when it already has expenses? Should I create a new one?
You can update settings on a company policy with existing expenses. Any updates you make will apply only to expenses going forward.

Is it possible to merge two policies?
No, merging policies is not possible, you will want to update one and delete the other (or uninvite all the users).

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