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I'm not sure sure if anyone else has this issue or cares about it, but I like to keep my Vendor List fairly clean. In order to do that, I have to manually fix all the vendor names to match the names I have in Quickbooks Online. For example, Amazon will post several ways: "Amzn" "" "Amazon Marketplace" etc. I have to manually fix these variances so they all go to the same Vendor in QB. If I have co-pilot access, I can go into their account and create a rule for them that any name that contains "Amazon" should be changed to "Amazon", and this fixes the problem most of the time.

So, I'm wondering if there's a way to create rules like this that would push out to all the users in our domain? Since I control the way our QB is set up, it makes sense that I would know how I want some of these frequently used vendors to show up as. I can't rely on users to do this, or know what rules to create.

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    I totally agree - global rules are needed because currently I have to replicate the rule for amazon, parking ramps, various restaurants 30+ times.

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    Hi @Jon_f1 and @RI_8806, would you mind heading to this Idea post for the same idea and sharing your support there? I'm going to close out this one out so that we don't dilute user support for the feature being added across multiple threads.


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