Enhanced Receipt capture

DaveweezDaveweez Expensify Customer Posts: 183 Expensify Aficionado

SmartScan/Regular Receipt Cam that takes "enhanced" scans like Genius Scan/Scannable embedded in app (not separate app)

Scannable is great! It crops it, brightens it, makes the image easier to read and more presentable.

It will make the report output much more presentable and easier to look at. You guys work hard on making the output and UI very presentable and nice to look at. The only piece that you can't control is users taking horrible pictures in low light and on dark backgrounds. Tech like this could help your users take better pictures.

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  • tylerzolltylerzoll Approved! Accountant Posts: 436 Expensify Champion

    I'm really supportive of this. Another app that gets this right is Dropbox the picture scanner does an excellent job. Even if there was a way that a Dropbox folder could automatically upload to Expensify, I would be satisfied.

  • MarioPalmaMarioPalma Expensify Customer Posts: 5 Expensify Newcomer

    I agree with_ tylerzol_l. It means also avoid cropping the pictures for a better report presentation. I suggest also to use the location to define the right currency and avoid mistakes.

  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 2,150 Expensify Team

    @tylerzoll, @citynet, @glglasser, @pcaskey, @JuanNut, @mtnAVman, @CJG, @Stu, @Julia, @Jarred,

    Just a heads up I've consolidated a duplicate idea from here, into this thread. This will help us get a better idea of the amount of support for this. I've pinged you here to add your vote to this idea as well.


  • HALLDAHALLDA Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

    Hello Sheena, if it helps to get this one implemented, there is another duplicate of this idea I have pasted below. This is a critical one for me - we send receipts as part of our invoices to clients. I would like to move my whole team to Expensify, but can't do that without this feature.

    How can I vote for MarioPalmas other suggestion (above) to use geolocation data from the photo when it is not clear what currency the receipt is in? Not a perfect solution, but would save me a lot of manual data correction. Smart Scan is not as smart as it could be.


  • Rachael HopkinsRachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 1,030 Expensify Team

    Hi @HALLDA glad you found this one!

    We already use the geolocation to ascertain the currency if it's not clear! But it's the geolocation of where you are when you snap the receipt via the Expensify app. Not from the metadata of an image taken using the camera app then later uploaded.

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