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Is there an easy way for employees with company cards in multiple domains to be able to upload receipts in the app without having to sign out from one account and then sign in to the other account? I'm unsure if having secondary logins would work or not.


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    Hi @Cary, this one can be a bit tricky depending on the setup you currently have in Expensify. Typically the employee would add any additional emails as a secondary login to their account, but this needs to be done before domain control is verified in Expensify. Once a domain has been verified and domain control is in place, there are additional restrictions on accounts using the domain for their email and this includes restrictions on merging accounts and adding secondary logins.

    Since it sounds like your employees already have accounts for their different emails and those emails are under domain control in Expensify, the next best option is to utilize Copilot so employees don't need to log out and log into multiple accounts.

    This would work in the scenario where an employee has two or more Expensify accounts that they need to log in and out of to upload expenses. Employees can add Copilots by navigating to their Settings > Account > Account Details, and then scroll down to the Copilot section.

    From there, employees would add their other accounts as Copilots and then stay logged into their main account. While logged into the main account, they can Copilot into their other accounts to upload receipts, create expense reports and submit them according to the company policy that account uses. Then, when they are all done the employee will simply return to their main account.

    Copilots can be used on the mobile app and employees can use receipt forwarding to send receipts to on behalf of their other accounts. The trick to receipt forwarding is that employees put the email of the account the expenses should go in the subject line before sending.