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Allow Multiple Expenses for a single scanned image

rmontrosermontrose Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer

The problem is once I enter an image of one or more receipts into Expensify, it only allows the image to associated with a SINGLE expense, not multiple expenses. If specifically will not allow an image entered into the system to be used for more than one expense.

The problem? I've just returned from a two-week business travel and have about 50 receipts. With Concur or Deem I could place multiple receipts onto my flatbed scanner and would end up probably scanning 8 to 10 images, which I could them enter into Concur or Deem and then assign multiple expenses to each image. With Expensify, I will need to scan 50 images, crop them (Deem has a nice auto crop feature), and then one by one enter their receipts. Very tedious....

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This does not fit with the future of Expensify


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