How can I request an audit trail?

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How do people audit their company's activity on Expensify? I submitted a question to the concierge today asking about an audit trail for all activity on our account and got a response that this isn't possible. I then asked for anything that they have - even something simple as an audit of who has logged in to the system and when. Again, I got a response that this wasn't possible.

This seems like a giant red flag if Expensify isn't tracking audit information. I'm curious how other users have handled being able to audit what's done with Expensify.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    If you need access to logs investigating actions taken in an Expensify account, such as when fraud by an employee is expected, please reach out to To help expedite the process, please share specifics on the actions you need investigated and why.

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @jennyberg, great question!

    We don't have one nice neat report we can provide, no, other than the Report History and Comments which is a nice neat audit log on a report.

    For everything else we have tens of thousands of lines of data in our queries and some of them are very sensitive, so you'll need to ask us directly. Our logs go back 35 days and we can look up most events as long as you are specific about what you need.

    For example, the mere act of one user logging in may produce 100+ lines of data, but the Expensify support team can decipher it to tell you person X last logged in on X date.

    When people have issues, often with users doing weird things, they usually ask our team to help them get to the bottom of it.

    Technically a Company only 'owns' a Policy, the user owns their own account.

    Expensify can be used by users with many different policies across different organizations as well as personally, hence why we keep a visible audit log on the Reports, as these are the part which most Admins need transparency over. Rather than use of a user account which is private.

    With Policy Audit Logs, we have a very specific query which we run internally to see who has taken what action on policy settings and we can provide this info, but again it likely needs some deciphering by our team first so that a layman would understand.

  • jennyberg
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    @RachCHopkins when you say "you'll need to ask us directly," what is the best way to request this? I asked using the concierge option, and the first response told me this wasn't available. After pressing more, it sounded like it might be available. And now your response tells me it is available upon request. I'd like to speak to an actual person about what is available in the audit trail - ideally, we'd like to see everything we possibly can for this month. We realize this is many many lines of data, but we are ok with this and willing to search/review it for what we need.