How to add a custom attribute column when importing a CSV credit card file?

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In importing my credit card CSV file, my file includes typical columns describing the transactions. Expensify currently doesn't allow one to add a custom attribute column to the report. Why this is important for me is that a column in the CSV file is "Description 2" where it denotes the local currency of the transaction and the FX conversion rate. This is very useful to my finance team when cross referencing receipts attached (in local currency) with the actual credit card charge (in domestic currency).

For now, my work around was to use the Tag attribute for the "Description 2" column as that was the only one left. If others have ideas or better work arounds, please let me know, otherwise it would be great if Expensify enabled users to add custom attribute fields.



  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @AH1, welcome to the Community! Sadly, you've come across a limitation in the CSV import tool and it's not one that is currently on our roadmap to resolve. At this time there is no way to add a custom field info to the expense because we don't allow adding additional custom fields at the expense level.

    Currently, you can use the category field, at tags or multiple-levels of tags, and use the comment field. However, you are unable to map to the comment field so that will most likely not be much help as an option for you.

    If you've found a way to make this work by using the tag field for mapping, this is most likely your best option moving forward. If you run into other questions, we're here to help so please let us know!

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