How to import Departments (setup as locations) from QBO and make them required?

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I would like our tags represent our departments in QBO. So when bills are uploaded not only class is added but department as well. Also, I am not seeing an option to import tags in the tags module.

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    Hi @KseniaP, woohoo! I'm so glad the locations terminology helped unravel the mystery a bit. Now, onto your new question about requiring a location (Department) once you've set it to import.

    The great news is that since you've imported locations (departments) as a report field, a location (department) will be required by default.

    However, if you want to enforce the requirement, I recommend turning on Expense Violations. By enabling expense violations, you and your employees will see violations and notes placed on expenses that don't follow the rules of your policy.

    For example, let's say you have categories required for expenses submitted on the company policy and expense violation enabled. Now, imagine your employee "Karen" has a report full of expenses but she hasn't categorized any of them. If "Karen" were to try to submit the report, she would get a warning that she wasn't following all the policy guidelines and she would be prompted to fix the violations before submitting. If she submits anyway, the approver will clearly see each expense violation and if they use Guided Review they will be walked through each violation on the report. (below is an example)

    Violations on a report:

    A message when trying to submit with violations

    To enable expense violations, you can navigate to your Settings > Policies > click on [company policy] > Expenses tab. (below)

    I hope this info helps!