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Override FX rate on the individual expense level

DaveweezDaveweez Expensify Customer Posts: 183 Expensify Aficionado
edited September 2017 in Ideas

This idea is to the ability to manually change the FX rate for individual expense line. I envision this being an option that the Admin would enable on the policy level. This would of course warrant a flag in the Report Notes so that approvers can see that the FX rate was changed (Maybe even showing what the old rate vs new rate is).

Use case example:

  • Lets say I am traveling to Europe and I exchange $100 to €75 in the airport (FX rate is 0.75). That exchange rate the airport vendors gives is usually a few points worse than the actual rate that Expensify uses (FX rate of 0.833). So when I report that I spent €75 EUR, Expensify will use the Expensify rate and the report will show $90 to be reimbursed. In this case, I lost $10 on the conversion.

In this scenario, I would like to override the FX rate in Expensify to specify that it should be 0.75 and that way I would get reimbursed the full $100 and be made whole.

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