how long are records kept at expensify?

ComportTom Expensify Customer Posts: 21 Expensify Newcomer

a question came up in our poc about audits. how long are espense re ords and receipt images kept on the portal? are they easily searched and downloaded? searchable by employee?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @ComportTom, great question! Expenses and receipts are kept intact and accessible as long as the account still exists in Expensify. This means a couple different things.

    1. Expenses remain visible and easily searchable in the account they were created and submitted with until that account is deleted.
    2. Expenses remain visible and easily searchable by any policy admins who existed when the report was submitted on the company policy, even if the submitter later deletes their account.

    If a company stops using Expensify ( :scream: ), I always recommend that one policy admin maintain their account as a free account. The admin with the free account will be able to access Expensify and download or export the reports and expenses submitted on the previous company policy. These expenses and reports will stay intact until the final policy admin deletes their account entirely.

    If you have any clarifying questions, just let me know. Tip, if you need more help on this thread, @ mention my username and I'll receive a notification you did!