External ID of an expense

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I am trying to create a simple expense using the API which looks like
let expense = {
date: "2018-10-20",
currency: "USD",
merchant: "Someone",
amount: 2900,
policyID: policyID,
externalID: "myOwnGuid"
The expense created successfully in expensify, however I am unable to get the externalID anywhere in the system. So far I have tried the following
1) I tried to create an export format in policies and added a column in that format which looks like {expense:externalID}, the output comes out as blank in this case.
2) I tried to run the reconciliation report for all expenses. However that report itself comes as blank. No expense show up in the report.

Can someone help here please ? All I need is a way to query if expensify already has an expense for with externalID set to "myOwnGuid".

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