Company Card Webinar Q&A - 01 November 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Is there any way to import credit card transactions without connecting to a credit card or bank portal?
You can import them to a user's account using CSV import, but not via Domain Control. Take a look at this doc for step by step instructions.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

I use Chase Visa who sends the settlement date and you all seem to pull in the transaction date so the transactions at the first and last days of the month don't tie to a report by date. Is there a way to identify which date to use?
In this case, you can use the Reconciliation Dashboard to run a report of the desired date range. Also, it's likely not necessary for your accounting team to have the expenses tied to a report by month.

Domain Control

Is there a way to remove a credit card setup under account details and set it up under domain control?
Yes, first you want to submit all Open and Unreported expenses on the User's personal feed. Then add the card via Domain Control, enter the date you want to start the feed and assign the card. And remove the copy from the user's account. I recommend you have the user invite you as a Copilot for this process.


Does Expensify Post the reconciled entries directly to my accounting program (QB pro)? Or does the program create a report I can use to post an entry manually?
The QuickBooks Desktop connection does not have an automatic sync, but you can Export the Approved/Reimbursed reports by hitting the 'Export' button. You might also like our Scheduled Submit feature which automatically creates reports for you and submit them at the specified frequency.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

What if smart scan does not work? Can my system auto reconcile?
No, but you can very easily merge the 'cash' receipt with the card expense from the Expenses page. Simply check the box next to each Open or Unreported expense and hit Merge.

I have company cards related to two statements, but they are lumped together in the company card dashboard. Is there a way to break these out?
Sounds like you may have connected the wrong account - if they are separate cards, they should have separate lines in the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard. I recommend you reach out to [email protected]

It seems confusing to have cash reimbursable expenses mixed in with company card (non-reimbursable) expenses on the reports. How does that look when reimbursing?
Generally, company card transactions will be imported as non-reimbursable while cash transactions will be reimbursable. So when you have both card and cash transactions, the report will show the separate reimbursable and non-reimbursable subtotals. If you reimburse via Expensify then we will only issue a reimbursement for the reimbursable expenses. Two exports to your accounting software, but only one report to process!


Can you demonstrate how some expenses imported from the company card, where some transactions go with one policy and others belong to a different policy?
You simply add the transactions to different reports! You will likely want to ensure Scheduled Submit is off if you use this approach.

Regarding auto reports and scheduled submit - is there a way to enter the corporate credit card cycle so that all expenses on a statement go to one report, in cases when the cycle start date is other than the 1st of the month? The reconciliation tool looks helpful, but still would be helpful for reports to match statement.
When setting up the Monthly submission schedule for Scheduled Submit you will be able to choose your preferred start date. Again, let's get away from making flexible software match inflexible paper. Just make sure all expenses from the previous month are submitted before you do the rec and you will be hunky-dory!

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