Trying to add a copy of a receipt to submitted and approve reports

This would be a useful tool to have. We have corporate card holders who get the receipts to me sometimes a month after the reports have been submitted. It has proved impossible to add a copy of the receipt to the already submitted report.


  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 261 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi there @Ollie2107, thanks for posting again! Is this the issue you're referring to in your first post here?

    I notice you recently asked Concierge about this and they asked you if you could create an Idea in the Expensify Community and here you are! So thanks so much!

    I have a few follow up questions first, but I think if this makes sense, we should definitely go ahead and move this across to our Idea's category for others to vote on.

    Firstly, you definitely can have receipts added after a report has been Approved. (The caveats here are that merges definitely will not occur if a report has already been Reimbursed or Exported to a direct accounting integration) We made this change recently for the precise reason - you can read more about it here.

    What this means is that even after your employee's submit their Company Card expenses; if they SmartScan a receipt that matches the imported card transaction after submitting the report, it will merge with the card transaction anyway.

    Note: Automatic merges are facilitated because there are certain restrictions surrounding them which should _only allow the correct receipt to merge with the same transaction (matching amounts, dates etc). These restrictions are not something that can currently be checked when a user chooses to add a receipt to a transaction._

    As an aside as well, if configured correctly expenses shouldn't ever be automatically submitted without these being matched.

    If a Company Policy requires receipts, an imported card transaction without a receipt added will throw a violation for review by an Approver.

    If a Cash expense is added by an employee to an account with a Company Card assigned, it will throw a violation for seven days, essentially not allowing submission of this expense until the corresponding card transaction has imported. If the employee dismisses this, it will throw a violation for review by an Approver.

    If this is the case with your setup, can I ask for your use case whereby expenses are approved without meeting the requirements for an Approved report?

  • StephanieL789StephanieL789 Posts: 37 Expensify Newcomer

    Because the people who approve don't reallize that is what they are approving. They feel that they are approving whether this is a valid expense the company should be paying without any consideration of whether it should be reimbursed, whether the documentation is adequate, etc.

    This is a situation I am constantly dealing with. I feel that at any time additional documentation should be able to be added to either the report or to the individual expense whether or not it has been reimbursed, closed, etc. In real, physical file cabinets, I can always drop another sheet of paper into the file, the same should be true here.

    I agree, amounts, dates, merchant name should not be able to be changed once an expense is approved/reimbursed. But, Category, tags and documentation should always be able to be changed, (with changes showing on the log)

  • MeganMegan Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

    @Ted Peeters I completely agree with @StephanieL789 on this. We require receipts but I still run into the issue that an employee will upload their credit card statement as a receipt and everything gets approved and reimbursed but later they are able to provide me a receipt for the actual transaction. I want to add this receipt, as it's better documentation in case of an audit, to the reimbursed report.

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