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Multiple Reports

I was inquiring if Expensify can automatically create a report for all submitters at one time with the images of those receipts. We may have 50 to 60 people that generate individual reports and we would like to have the all at once.


  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 149 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @JoshTillotson1_ - thanks so much for posting in the Expensify Community! It's great to have you here. To be clear, what would be the specific functionality you're looking to achieve? Would it be:
    1. The ability to set a specific time where Concierge would create and submit reports for a specific date period from Unreported expenses as a Policy Admin for all employee's receipts?
    2. Just the ability to submit reports at a specific time for employee's expenses which have been added to a report up until that required date?
    3. Or... just one individual report containing all employee expenses?

    The only current option available would the second, whereby you'd simply enable Policy Scheduled Submit and set a Daily, Weekly or Monthly submission timeline and all employee expenses would be added and submitted in-line with that schedule.

    Hopefully that would resolve the need for #1 as well!

    Sadly, #3 though simply wouldn't be feasible as there's simply no way to move expenses across accounts to be added to a single report. However, you might want to check out Guided Review - which, whilst it doesn't add all expenses to one report, it will make approvals appear as easy as simply going through one long set of line-items!

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