Admin Webinar Q&A - 06 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

If I have a policy document/manual, can I upload this so that all users can have visibility of it?
You can't upload it to Expensify, though you can include a link to a online document when you invite users to your policy. When you go to Invite them, just link an online document such as an Intranet page or cloud document.

What does "Concierge" mean??
Concierge is our personification of automated and system functions. If you see this in your report history, it means that we have submitted the report for you. Concierge is here to help you in many ways :)

How long would you estimate that it takes to set up policies?
Typically, only a few minutes!


What does "Open" mean? Not yet submitted?
That is correct. Open is a report that has not been submitted yet.

Is there a way to delete an employee's expense?
Only the employee will be able to delete an expense and it will need to be in the open state to do this.

What if they have not finished all expenses by the scheduled date?
If you have not completed when it is automatically submitted, you can retract the report and make the changes.

Do the tags and categories only pertain to expenses that you have added? Or does it include expenses that have been submitted for approval?
Categories and Tags are based on the Policy. When you change these, reports that have not been Approved or Reimbursed can be edited to use the updated categories and tags. Users select the coding before they submit, but Admins can still adjust this before exporting.

Will the submit report be sent even if there are violations?
The report will be submitted, but any expenses with violations will be left behind on a new report to fix and submit. If every expense has a violation the whole report will be left behind.

I have question about how to upload a receipt. This is what nobody knows about here at our company.
There are many ways to upload a receipt: mobile app, web app or email to [email protected] Check out our help docs.


If I have different employees that are reimbursed in different currencies, do I need to create separate accounts?
Yes, you will need a different policy for each currency you are reimbursing in.

Managing People

I have an owner that we don't want to have to be forced into the policy rules. How can I eliminate him from that policy?
The owner would need to be on their own policy if they are not going to need to be following the policy rules, or if they are going to have different rules to other users.

Is there something that tells me how to do that?
The steps to create another policy can be found on our Day 1 for Admins here.

Is activity done by a copilot shown with copilot name or under user name? Will we be able to tell who submitted a report the user or the co-pilot?
Yes, the report history will show that the activity was taken by a copilot on behalf of the original user.

Billing & Ownership

What qualifies as an 'active' user?
An active user is anyone that has edited (created, submitted, approved, exported, etc) expense data on a company policy in a given month.

So each policy adds an additional bill?
A user can be active on as many policies as they need. You will only be billed once for this user no matter how many policies they are active on as long as the policies are all owned by the same billing owner.

Can you commit to an annual subscription for a set number of users and then change those users through-out the year? (e.g. we have a set number of interns that change throughout the year)
Absolutely! Please note, however, that the subscription end date will change each time you change your overall user count.


Does Expensify connect to
Yes! You can find information about our integration here.

What do you do if integration isn't offered for your accounting software?
You can still create a Custom Export to allow integration. Please reach out to [email protected] and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If my client has their credit card imported into QBO, should they not also have it imported in Domain?
When importing a banking feed directly into QuickBooks Online while simultaneously importing transactions from Expensify, there is a potential for duplicate transactions to appear in QuickBooks. To avoid this, you'll need to make sure reports are exported from Expensify prior to importing the banking feed in QuickBooks.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you send me the registration information for domain control and company cards webinar?
You can register here.

How can I re-connect my employer's corporate card information to his account? Once he does this, will it auto-generate a report?
You can assign the card under the Domain Control. If you use Scheduled Submit, it will create a report during the next Scheduled submit cycle.

Will Expensify be adding additional credit card/banks to be able to download into our account? For example, Synchrony Bank and Barclay doesn't download automatically.
We are constantly working to improve our offering of bank integrations, however I cannot provide an ETA on any specific bank.

If we turn Domain control on, will that exclude non domain users from the system completely? Or will non domain users just be excluded from using the domain control features?
Non domain control users would simply be excluded from using Domain Control-specific features.

Is there a way to upload CSV files of credit card transactions at the domain level?
This is not currently available but we are definitely looking into this for a future update. CSVs need to be uploaded individually by the user at this time.

What if you have an employee that has two company cards (both from Chase). Is it best practice to have two separate policies, one for each card? I think having one policy would be easier, but for my sake (the admin), I want to ensure I can differentiate reports from card to card.
You can assign more than one card per employee. In order for the employee to have the separate cards on separate reports, it would need to be set to Personal Liability to allow the user to place them on separate reports. An easier way would be to put everything on one report and use our Reconciliation Dashboard to do the card rec. There is more info on that here.

On the company cards page it shows ALL of my "Chase Direct Connect" which is two different accounts and it does not differentiate between accounts.
Any cards linked under the same login will show as the same feed. Separated by cards. And you can use the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard to distinguish between cards. If you have all transactions under one card, you may have connected a parent account. If this sounds like the issue, reach out to [email protected] so we can help.

We have all expenses coming from Chase bank into Expensify. So we don't need to add anything. We then export all to our NetSuite software for accounting purposes. Question: How do I run a report that shows all expenses, with their categories, and per credit card holder? (for reconciliation purposes)
You can use the Reconciliation Dashboard to run those.


How do you get to the search section?
You can search for help issues here or search for expenses on your Expenses page.

Can you specify different policies for different users?
Yes, you can specify different policies for different users. You can either have them on one Policy only, or restrict their Policy with Domain Control. Reach out to [email protected] if you need help setting that up.

To use schedule submit should it be changed from manually to a different option?
Manual scheduled submit means the report will be created but not submitted. If you would like to have it automatically submitted, you will need to change it to another setting.

Do you think it's best to have different policies for each person so their receipts automatically go to their specific report? I am having problems having all receipts from bank link and smart scan go to wrong report.
Each user should not need their own policy. That could lead to possible confusion from the Admin perspective. Each user should be SmartScanning their own receipts and merging with the imported card expense. The user will receive a duplicate warning if the expense didn't merge automatically so they can manually merge them to avoid this issue. You should then have one report per user.

How do I get a report per credit card holder for every expense they've submitted and for a specific date? Basically I need a report that shows: Amount, date, vendor, credit card holder name, and what category it's been assigned to.
You can do this from your Expenses page and export to CSV for detailed analysis. There is a default report or you can create a Custom export to do this.

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