Admin Webinar Q&A - 07 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

I am a brand new employee and was given Admin access. My inbox didn't look like yours--where do I get started with setting my admin profile up, please?
If you have been invited to your company policy which has already been set up, then you do not need to go through the setup process. You can take a look at all the company policy settings under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name]. You can modify your own account settings under Settings > Your Account.

Thank you. I saw a screen from the Inbox with a "Collect Receipts" box and two other boxes. Should I have that screen as well?
This task is visible only when you are setting up a new policy. If you're on a policy that has already been set up then you will not see this task :)

If I create a policy do I have to own the billing or can I create a policy as a policy admin but the company account creator's billing details pay for that policy?
If you would like to create and set up the policy but have someone else manage the billing, you can set them up as a Policy Admin and then ask them to Take Over Billing (from the policy's Overview settings page).


When you reject an expense line item, can you pay the remaining expense for the employee?
Yes, you can continue to process the rest of the report as normal.

How do I search the expense transaction by searching employee name or expense report ID?
If you'd like to search for a specific expense then you can do so from the Expenses page. Open up the filters and select the user you'd like to search for in the submitters filter. If you're searching for a specific report, you can do so from the Reports page. Like on the Expenses page, open up the filters and either search for it using the submitter filter or enter the user's email address into the email/report title filter. If you know the Report ID, you can hit shift+G to jump to it.

If my assistant uploads a receipt for me on my behalf (as a copilot), will I get an email notification?
You will not receive an email notification when a receipt is uploaded to your account.

Managing People

How do you update the approver information when the manager is changed to that employee?
You can manage your approval workflows from Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People. Don't forget to check out our help docs for approval workflow set up examples.

Billing & Ownership

Is Expensify billed per policy or per user?
Expensify billing is based on active users. You can have as many policies as you need, and that won't affect your monthly bill. It's the users' activity which you're billed for.

If I have same employee access to multiple policies am I billed multiple times for the same employee accessing multiple policies?
No, not as long as the same person 'owns' all the policies.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you send me the link for the company card link?
Sure thing! You can sign up for our other webinars here.

Should you have a policy for each credit card?
You don't need to, but if you would like to have separate rules for each card, you could set up separate policies. If you're thinking about how to reconcile your company card expenses, I'd recommend the Reconciliation Dashboard. You can learn more about it in our company card webinar or on this help doc.


How can we track receipts to be billed back to specific work order numbers?
You can use categories or tags to track specific coding information such as work order numbers. You can set up these coding options under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name]. Another option is to have your users add a comment with the work order number. If you use an accounting system you can likely import jobs and clients.

How do you set up Reports so certain information is in the name of the report? Like the employee name, email and the last four digits of the credit card used?
You can set up default report titles under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Reports. Take a look at this help doc for more information on how to set that up.

Is there a way to close a report once you are done with it if you are on the advanced approval workflow?
As long as Workflow Enforcement is disabled, you will have the option to mark a report as closed instead of submitting it, but you cannot close if it is Approved/Reimbursed.

Is there a formula for ending date of the month that the report covers. For example, an October report will produce "10-31-2018".
Yes, there is. Go ahead and check out this help article that goes over all of our formulas related to dates.

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