Company Cards Webinar Q&A 08 November 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


If an employee loses a card and gets a new one, do we need to assign the new card to him/her?
Yes, you will need to treat this new card as a brand new one and assign it under Domain Control. Once all the unsubmitted expenses from the old card are reported and submitted, you will want to delete/unassign the old card to avoid confusion!

I originally put cards under Your account, and then after domain control was approved, we put cards there. When I try to remove the cards from the your Account section, it gives a message that all transactions will be deleted. Will they still connect since the cards are now under domain?
You will want the user to go to their Expenses page and just check all the transactions from that card, up to a certain date, have been submitted. Then they can delete the card.

Can the user/cardholder see the list of expenses that we see on the dashboard?
Yes, they can see this on their Expenses page by filtering by card.

Do we want to ask the employee to submit one report if they have two credit cards?
Absolutely! You will find it easier to manage the expense and export, and you use the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard to do the actual card rec.


How does this work with QB's Online? If the cards are connected to the bank feed?
You need to export the report from Expensify to QuickBooks Online before you import the bank feed into QBO. This way you won't get duplicates.

Once you reconcile the credit cards so we know all expenses are approved, how do we get the expenses to go to our accounting software? We are using Intacct and we have the policy connected to our system, does it go automatically or do we have to do a separate step?
Once the reports are final approved, if auto sync is enabled for your integration, they should be automatically synced to Intacct! Otherwise you hit the 'Export' button.

How do reimbursable expenses get synced in to the accounting software?
It will depend on what you choose under your integration configuration. With Intacct you can export reimbursable expenses as Expense Reports or Vendor Bills.

If Expensify reimburses my employees, how do the expenses appear in Intacct?
You can sync the Reimbursed status back to Intacct as a Bill Payment.

Ok. I just had issues with cards syncing with my QB and I don't want transactions deleted from Jan - Jun 30 as I already provided that documentation to the accountant
In that case, you can add to a report, approve, and mark as Manually Exported to QuickBooks.

If exporting to Xero would these transfer as a payable invoice or manual journal, where would it transfer to?
Reimbursables export as Bills awaiting payment. Non-reimbursables export as Bank Transactions. Check out this guide.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

What's your suggestion for terminated employees? So an employee is terminated and you want to remove them from Expensify but you are still waiting for their final credit card expenses to come through.
When an employee is removed from your policy, if they have a credit card linked and expenses weren't imported or submitted yet, they will disappear from the account. So I recommend that you wait until the reconciliation process is done. You can get your IT team to give you access to that user's email account and reset the password on their account, then invite yourself as a Copilot so you can wind up all the last admin without having to log out of your own account.

In my recon dashboard, it shows an employee w/ zero charges in the total column. The employee has already submitted a report that has been approved but why is it still showing zero?
Sounds like their card may not be importing. Reach out to [email protected] with all the details so we can check!

Certain cardholder's expenses are not showing up in my Expenses tab. They definitely submitted expenses and all the filters have been reset.
Sounds like they may be using a report/policy that you don't have access to. Get them to check the Policy on the report!


Apologies if this question does not directly pertain to this webinar: Employees send billable and non-billable reports. We need to forward the billable (to clients) out with an invoice. Does it make sense to have a "scheduled submit" or should all reports be manual?
You can still use one report and flag the expenses as 'billable'. You can then export these to CSV for your accounts department to bill, or if you have a connected accounting integration, it will create a bill automatically.

Is it necessary to use co-pilot if you're using domain control?
You can see all card expenses using the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard, but you would only be able to see Unreported cash expenses via the user account (copilot).

With scheduled submit, it appears to have the option to manually submit instead of automatically submit. What would be the pros and cons of each option?
Manually means the user chooses, automatic means you choose.

With the Scheduled Submit tool, is it best practice to set it for daily or weekly?
This totally depends on how you want to handle your expenses. At Expensify we use Daily!

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