How to sync reimbursed reports to Sage Intacct with multiple ACH accounts in use?

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I just set up the Expensify to Sage Intacct integration and have a question about syncing ACH reimbursements. It appears in the settings that only one bank account can be selected, but we use two different accounts for reimbursements and I'd like the synchronization of the payment to go to the correct bank account. Is there any way to change this?

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @ccalhoun - thanks so much for joining the Expensify Community! It'll be great to have you posting and answering here going forward.

    Regarding your question about allowing multiple reimbursement accounts, I'm afraid this isn't possible within one policy at the moment.

    Currently, you can only select a single default reimbursement account via the Policy Settings itself in Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > 

    And also, only one via the Intacct setting in the Advanced tab:

    If you're reimbursing indirectly, you might simply want to handle this reconciliation outside of Expensify and toggle "Sync Reimbursed Reports" off, or for both Indirect and Direct reimbursements, you'd simply need to either:

    • Update the account in the dropdown depending on which reports were being Approved or Reimbursed at that time, OR
    • Create two separate policies and for the users who will be reimbursed from different accounts.

    Tip: For the latter, you can easily copy your current policy settings by using the Duplicate policy button:

    When you click Duplicate, you'll also have the option to determine which settings you want to keep on your new policy and which one's you'd like to start fresh with.