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We are exporting to Quickbooks Desktop. Most of the transactions are on our company credit card, so I have Expensify set up to export the non-reimbursable expenses as credit card transactions. However, the employees also submit expenses that we'll need to pay to vendors, such as fleet gas purchases and rental invoices that are not due until the following month. In the Sync options, it looks like I'm supposed to choose either Credit Card or Vendor Bill, but I can't use both? Or am I misunderstanding something? If it's asking me to choose only one, what is the best practice to work around that so I can export both types of expenses to Quickbooks?

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    Hi @DaniM, thanks for posting a great question! If you wanted to use more than one export method, you would be in for some manual work to make it happen.

    For example, employees would need to submit reports for their expenses exporting as a credit card separate from the expenses that need exporting as a vendor bill.

    Then, as the admin doing the export, you would need to toggle between Credit Card export and Vendor Bill export in the Policy > Connections > Configuration for QBD, depending on which reports you were exporting.

    This means manual work on employees to separate expenses between reports and manual work on the exporting admin's part to switch between export methods. I hope this information helps!


  • DaniM
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    Thanks for the response. It looks like we will need to find a different way to work around this. The field staff should only be responsible for reporting the expense and the nature of the expense. If I task the field staff with submitting different reports based on how the accounting department will be processing the expense, that would be asking the field staff to do part of the accounting department’s job.

    It would be helpful if the Admin could move individual expenses to a new report or to a new policy that feeds to vendor bills. Or, if I could mark vendor bills as "reimbursable," after they are submitted to me, then I could import them as bills, and change the vendor from the employee to the true vendor after it’s in Quickbooks. But it looks like I can't do any of those things, correct?

    It's already a challenge to get them to report expenses promptly. If I ask them to take another step that seems unnecessary to them, that has the potential to build resistance toward using Expensify. I would rather keep this very simple and painless for the employees.

    Is there a forum for suggesting improvements?