How do you divide one charge among multiple classes/properties in the same transaction?

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Does Expensify allow the users to divide ONE expense into several different categories when it is ONE charge on the credit card statement? We were utilizing the "Split" option when entering a receipt, but found that it exports to QB line by line, rather than charge by charge, when we use the Split line. This would be helpful for orders that ship separately, causing one receipt to have multiple charges. Generally though, we have one receipt with items that need to be allocated to different venues. Do you have anything that could be helpful in this situation?

I originally emailed this question to Katie from Expensify, and she unfortunately told me that this isn't an option right now, but will be considered. Would this be something helpful for other companies? It would make reconciliation from Quickbooks to our credit card statement much simpler!

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    @nicoleseago, I assume that you are using a direct connection with your credit card to Expensify. If you are doing that, then you can go to the loading dock and download the reconciliation report there. This works because the expense becomes two lines on the report and it has the original amount and the split amount. This way you can reconcile much easier. Just download the Reconciliation excel spreadsheet and you'll be set.