Admin Webinar Q&A - 12 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Where can I send my case specific questions? Which email?
You can reach us via [email protected]


Do you have to be synced with accounting software to have a list of customers/jobs for employees to associate expenses to be billable?
No. Expenses can be billable even without a connected accounting integration, you can upload your clients as 'Tags' under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Tags

Is there a place to make a list of customers so the employee would have a pull-down list of customers to bill to? Like the categories are set up?
If you're using an accounting integration, you'll simply import your customer list as Tags/Report fields, which can be selected by employees when uploading their expenses.

Can you merge duplicates after the report has been exported?
The Report must be in the Open status to merge expenses.


When doing the reimbursement, we would need to know the persons checking account information in order for us to use ACH right? I'm assuming the manual one would be us sending a physical check.
Yes, that's correct! They can connect their deposit account in their own user account under Settings > Your Account > Reimbursement. You can also record your bank account here even if reimbursing outside of Expensify.

I have a user that created an expense, how do I know from Expensify that they received their money? They set up their account and bank details, it says "withdrawing" on Expensify.
You can view the reimbursement status in the "Report Comments & History" of each report. This will show the ETA for the completed reimbursement, as well as the actions the report has taken. Withdrawing means it's still process with the bank - the bank turnaround time is 4-5 working days.

Is there a $ threshold that allows for a quick turnaround? For instance, over $500 will take 2-3 business days?
Only reports under $100 will be reimbursed using Rapid Reimbursement in 1-2 working days. For reports over $100, they will be reimbursed using standard ACH reimbursement times.

Or if it's their first time submitting a report through Expensify will it take 3-5 business days initially but then should reimburse quicker after the next?
No. There won't be any difference if it's the first report. The processing time is dictated by your bank.

There is no way to increase the $100 rapid pay threshold?
Unfortunately not. This is set in place for all accounts.

(US question) - if someone has a $200 expense, they could essentially just create one expense report under $100, and another $100 and get paid within 24 hours of each one right?
Yep! This would quality both reports for Rapid Reimbursement in 1-2 days.

Managing People

Where do we edit where the employee reports to?
It sounds like you're referring to the Approval Workflow. This can be updated via Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People

How do I delete an employee (user)?
Simply navigate to Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People and you'll be able to remove users from your policy. The Expensify account belongs to the user, so you won't be able to delete the entire account (unless you use Domain Control)

Can one employee be assigned to multiple policies?
Yes, absolutely, and they can set their default by clicking their profile pic.

If I am copilot for my client’s account, can I set that person up to be an approver so I can reject individual expenses?
Yes, that's correct - provided that user is an Admin, as only Admins can invite users and set their roles.

So I can set up the policy admin to be the approver of their own reports?
Yes, that's correct.


If we are synced with Quickbooks do we need to upload expense reports manually to QB?
With QuickBooks Online you can set Auto Sync under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections - Configure > Advanced and this will automatically export reports when they are final-approved. It can also sync the reimbursement and mark the bill in QuickBooks Online as paid. QuickBooks Desktop does not have an Auto Sync option, so this programme is manual export only.

We have multiple tags as we are connected to our accounting system and need dept and class as tags. But on the expenses page, they can't change the tags. Is this because we have multi-tags?
In this case, Tags are actually pulled in from your accounting software, so this is something that would need to be setup on that end. Feel free to email [email protected] with your account details and we can assist further!

I see GL code in the Categories- what about department/classes/location?
They would be imported as Tags instead, directly from your accounting software. You'll find this under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections - Configure > Coding.

Will you also cover how to add Employees by subsidiary?
You will want to have one Policy per subsidiary as the accounting software will link at the subsidiary level.

Should we sync the report to the accounting software only after it has been "reimbursed"?
Depending on your software, you may be able to use Auto Sync to sync the reimbursements, so you won't need to manually sync anything.

Please talk about adding employees to subsidiaries.
Are you referring to inviting employees to join your subsidiary policy? If so, you can do so via Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People.

For the subsidiary the COA will be the same as the parent so we specify the sub in the location/class?
You will want to link the policy at the subsidiary level for it to export correctly.

On QuickBooks when we import the categories, will it show both the name of the category as well as the accounting code? Also are you able to do the budgets per person or department? Also, are you able to do the budgets monthly, quarterly or even yearly?
From the user end it will only show the account name, if you want to see both, you'll need to add the GL code to the account name. You can produce a CSV report on person or department, with any timeframe, but Expensify doesn't do budgeting.

Also are you able to choose by location of your office?
You can set Locations as Tags or report fields.

Do we need to export the CSV to QuickBooks or will it automatically do that for us?
The CSV export is used for analysis outside of your accounting system. When you export to QuickBooks it's direct when you hit the Export button. You can also set up Auto Sync of you use QuickBooks Online.

Are tags considered classes on QuickBooks?
Classes in QuickBooks can be used as either tags (expense-level) or report fields (report-level) in Expensify.

When reimbursing can we just pay bills in NetSuite?
Will you be reimbursing within Expensify or just via NetSuite?

Just via NetSuite.
If you're choosing to reimburse only via NetSuite, you can do that and mark the Reports as reimbursed in Expensify. If you set your connection to sync reimbursements, it will do this for you.

Company Cards & Domain Control

If an employee has more than one credit card, how can you set reports so you have a report for each credit card?
You are best to have one report for everything and then use the Company Card Reconciliation Dashboard to reconcile the cards. This will make less work for both the admin and the user.

Did I hear correctly that you can create a report for a user from within Domain Control even if you don’t have copilot access to their account?
Yes that is correct, you can auto-report their unreported card expenses. But you won't be able to create a report if they have an open report, only add unreported expenses to it.

I have about 20 people that use corporate credit cards (AMEX), so for the month of November, I want to make sure that they submitted everything that has been charged on their card, how do I make sure those employees did submit everything?
I'd suggest using our reconciliation dashboard to make sure there aren't any unreported transactions from your team. This will help you easily view all expenses across your team.


How do you set the main policy for an employee?
If you have Domain Control in place, you can restrict users to a default Policy. Otherwise, the user clicks on their profile pic to set a default policy.

If we have employee reports in currency other than USD then the Report Output currency should be the local currency?
The output currency can be any currency, but ideally you will want it to match the currency you are reimbursing in.

If you have multiple policies, can you update them all at once or individually?
They'll need to be updated one at a time.

Are you able to set up the approval amounts per category per employee?
This is configured on the policy-level, rather than the employee level. In this case, you'd need to set up your category limits via the policy category settings, then invite employees to join the policy.

If someone uses a company card for personal expense can you use the billable function to invoice them?
No, if they accidentally spend money on the company card, you'll need to handle this in your account payable/payroll.

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