Admin Webinar Q&A - 13 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Who can I contact about setting up a new account? I will be the admin, but not have an expense account.
You can create a new account any time from! To be an admin you have to have an Expensify account, but you don't need to have expenses!


Can you merge reports for ALL users for a certain time frame into ONE?
No. A report can only be associated with one user. You cannot combine multiple users' reports into a single report. However, you can create a CSV report of all expenses for all users in a certain timeframe, from the Expenses page.

Can I set a daily max for multiple meals?
You can set a per diem - learn more about that here. Or you can set a daily maximum on a certain category by clicking the blue cog under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Categories.


Also I'd like to change the name/email address of the reimburser. How do I do that?
You cannot change an email address on behalf of another user. You can change the preferred reimburser within your policy settings under Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > Reimbursement. Only the person who set up the withdrawal account can action reimbursements, they will need to share the withdrawal account with you from their personal account under Settings > Your Account > Reimbursement.

Managing People

I do not have an admin login?
There is not an admin-specific login. To become a policy admin, simply create a paid policy from the Policies page here, or if you have an existing Policy, another admin can change your Role.

How do I change my role to admin?
You will need to be made a policy admin by an existing policy admin. They can do so by heading to Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > People > Policy Members.

If I am setting up the account would I automatically become the admin?
Yes, if you create a paid policy, you will be the policy admin and billing owner for that policy.

Billing & Ownership

Do admins have to be paid, additional users?
Only users who take actions on a report will be considered billable users. If an admin does not take any report actions, they will not be billed for.

I am a policy admin. Why can't I change the email address of the owner?
Are you trying to change the owner of the policy? If so, you can take over billing and ownership of the policy. Learn more here.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can you please send me the link for the managing company credit card?
Sure, you can register here!


What is if only want a maximum expense age violation, do I keep the maximum amount blank?
Yes, you would leave the field blank.

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