Company Cards Webinar Q&A - 15 November 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


We had previously imported our cards into the personal settings. I now have Domain Control set up with all the company cards assigned to employees. Is it okay to delete the imported cards from the personal accounts?
Yes, you will want to remove the cards in the personal settings to avoid duplicate expenses. Caution, when a card is removed, all Unreported and Open expenses are removed from the user's Expenses page. Please make sure all necessary expenses are submitted before the old cards are removed.

How do I deal with duplicate transactions? If an employee already submitted the expense but it doesn't merge with the actual downloaded credit card charge. Do I just delete the duplicate?
As long as the receipt image was SmartScanned it will merge with the matching card expense even if one of the two has already been submitted. If the card transaction was submitted then a Policy Admin can add the receipt image to the submitted expense. If the receipt was not SmartScaned and it was submitted, if has not yet been reimbursed, the report can be returned to the Open state for the user to merge the receipt to the company card transaction.

How do you capture charges which did not come from the card fee. The charges are on my statement but not in Expensify
If some of your posted transactions have not imported from your bank connection, you can prompt a sync from Settings > Your Account > Credit Card Import > Update. If you would like ot add expenses that were not made with your connected card, you can do so by SmartScanning your receipts or forwarding them to [email protected]

If using the domain and company card system, does the company still need a checking account with Chase in order to sync/import?
If you are importing Chase business cards, then yes. This is a requirement by Chase. If however, your cards qualify for a CDF or VCF feed, you will not need a business checking account to import your cards.

Do you know if ANZ does a commercial card feed? They don't seem to know anything about Expensify.
The commercial card feeds (CDF for Mastercards, VCF for Visa, and GL1025 for [email protected]) are universal and not Expensify-sepecific. If your cards qualify for such a feed, then we can connect it to your account! If you reach out to your bank they should be able to tell you whether your cards are eligible for one of these feeds.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Are the transaction from the card feed still automatically added to a report when using the reconciliation dashboard?
The reconciliation dashboard is separate from automatic reporting. For automatic reporting taking a look at Scheduled Submit which can automatically harvest and submit expenses at your preferred frequency.

The reconciliation can only be drilled into by card and not by user?
That's correct. So if a user has multiple cards assigned to them, you will need to run a separate report for each card.

Can’t you run a report from the loading dock for all unsubmitted expenses?
The main difference between the Loading Doc and the Reconciliation Dashboard is that you can use the Loading Dock to export data into a CSV while the Reconciliation Dashboard allows you to reconcile expenses directly within Expensify.

How does the reconciliation then upload to the accounting software?
Once your users have created and submitted their reports, you can export them to your accounting package. For QuickBooks Online, NetSuite, Intacct, and Xero, you can enabled Auto-Sync which will automatically export reports once they have been final approved.

Domain Control

I didn't quite understand how to verify a domain as an external CPA, can you elaborate. I will not have an email address under each client's domain.
When you request domain verification for your client please provide a copy of your signed Accounting/Consulting Contract with the client that includes both the accountancy name and the client company name. Or CC a verifiable client administrator for approval to take over the domain via email when you put in the validation request.


How do we reconcile the expenses to the amount paid out of our checking account, if for example a card is paid mid-month? Does Expensify automatically create the accruals in the Quickbooks sync?
While we do not have an accruals feature in Expensify, if you have Auto-Sync enabled in your QuickBooks integration (only available for QB Online) then we will automatically export your reports based on your configuration settings.

Why can’t you map an imported CC to your accounting package liability account?
Are you looking to code your expenses with chart of accounts imported from your accounting package? If yes, you can import your chart of accounts by connecting your accounting package under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections.

If you are looking to export card transactions to a specific GL account, please take a look at this doc for instructions on how to set this up.


When I see unreported expenses it only shows "Auto report" when I try to add them to a report
This means that you don't currently have an Open report so the only option available to you is to create a new report for the selected expenses.

Can default expenses be associated with an item?
Are you looking to have your expenses automatically coded with a specific tag or category? If yes, you can enable Expense Rules for your account. Please note, this is a stting at the user level and cannot be configured by an admin on the behalf of other users.

How do you get the report to show in a table view for the categories instead of a list? Is the change per report or is it a global setting?
You can change how the report's format by clicking the gear/cog in the top left corner of the report and selecting to break up the report by categories, tags, or see it as a single table. The selected format will apply to all reports visible to you, it will not change the appearance of the reports for other users.

I want to set a formula for the credit card reconciliation title. In the past, Expensify had a report title tab in the company card settings. But I don't see it in some of my new domains. I've contacted Concierge and it said that Expensify removed that function.
Sounds like you are referring to a setting that was part of Automatic Statement Reporting. ASR is no longer supported. You can set up report titles under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Reports.

How do I customize the report title to "Testing Company Card" report?
You can customize report titles from Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Reports.

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