Getting started questions; reimbursable box, category totals, expense rules

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After creating expense report how do you:
Change the setting from Reimburse to Non-Reimburse?
Can you get a total of expenses on each category?
What is CSV ?
Explain expense rule?

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @RickyBellard, thanks for posting!

    Change the setting from Reimburse to Non-Reimburse?

    You can control the reimbursability of your report at the expense level. Check the reimbursable box for reimbursable expense or uncheck it for a non-reimbursable expense.

    Can you get a total of expenses on each category?

    As long as you have your report layout set to "Breakdown by Group", you should see category totals on your report.

    What is CSV?

    CSV stands for "comma separated value" and is a type of spreadsheet. Google Sheets, Numbers, and Excel are all spreadsheet software. We offer CSV export which you can learn more about in our Help Center here.

    Explain expense rule?

    Expense rules, which are covered fully in our Help Center here, and are account specific rules that change the information on an expense based on the merchant name. For example, let's say I want all expenses from "Office Depot" to be categorized as Office Supplies with the comment "Boston Office". I could create a rule that triggers when an expense with the merchant Office Depot is added to my account. The rule would automatically categorize the expense and add a comment for me, making my expense reporting that much easier.

    I hope this helps!