Can I use expensify for more than one compnay?

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I own a company and I do books for another company, how does expensify know which company it is for and separate it to 2 different QBO

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    In this case, you might want to consider setting up an additional policy. Setting up a policy, per company, will allow you to connect each policy to a different QBO account.

    You can create a new policy at any time from our pricing page. Just click Create Policy under the policy type of your choice.

    When using multiple policies, you'll want to be mindful of your default policy, as new expenses will be routed according to the default policy you have enabled.

    The default policy can be set via the Expensify website by clicking the portrait icon and selecting the company policy from the menu.

    To change the default policy on the mobile app, tap Settings > Policy and then select the correct company policy. The default policy is marked with a green checkmark.