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Hi, could you please let me know if/ how I can filter Reports using the date, yet the date being eg. Approved or Reimbursed Date and not Submitted Date as it is s now ? It would have a great advantage for our accountants who access Expensify in order to download Approved reports. yet they cannot easily filter those downloaded already not by the date. Thanks in advance for any tips. Ales


  • cparsonscparsons Posts: 12 Expensify Newcomer

    Hi Ales, we mark our reports as reimbursed as soon as we export them, users will be notified that the claim has been reimbursed but we tell them they will be in our next payment run, the reimbursed status for us is really exported. We make users aware of this and tell them they will get a notification from our remittance system when paid. You can bulk mark all reports as exported, then you just need to export the approved reports going forwards. Hope this helps.

  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 824 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Ales, Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    That's a tricky one. When individual reports are exported to CSV or an accounting software, they'll have a wee icon on them on the Reports page, but it's not a filter as such. You can sort by 'Exported' though.

    Are the accountants exporting, or simply downloading a PDF of the report?

  • AlesAles Posts: 3

    Hi, thank you for replies yet it is not really solving the problem in a systematic, bullet prove kinda way :( I need our external accountants to be able to see what they downloaded already. And they need PDF downloads since they need receipts, as that is needed for accounting purposes, not just CSV/ transactions. They simply need underlying documents. I think this is the same in all countries so it's kinda interesting that this angle is not covered whatsoever...anyway, thanks guys for your tips.

  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 250 Expensify Success Coach

    That's interesting @Ales, thanks so much for the insight.

    I'd love to hear more about your accountants need for the images rather than a link for their accounting purposes? Are they managing your policies and exporting to accounting software with Expensify?

    A few benefits come with this, not least that Approved! Accountants get a discount they can pass on to you, but also that with the Accounting software linked directly with Expensify, this alleviates any need to keep images in multiple locations, if indeed, a digital record isn't the minimum required as it is in the US and many other jurisdictions.

    When your accountant helps manage your Company Policy within Expensify too, they can retain full visibility, meaning they'll also be able to see what's been exported and what hasn't been exported already, via the column @RachCHopkins referenced.

  • AlesAles Posts: 3

    Hi, it's pretty simple. 1) They are using accounting package which does not link to Expensify = is not on the list of Accounting Integrations. 2) So yes, we can somehow link it via CSV / Excell yet that does not export attached images. 3) they need an associated image / receipt for the correct accounting process. Especially related to VAT...yet in any case, here in Central Europe the taxt authorities insist on having a receipt. So our accountant can login as an Auditor and download the Reports.Yet there is no way to say that they want to download only Approved or only Reimbursed reports. Does it make any sence to you ?

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