Education series #1 - Using the Expensify Community

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all our users around the world. The goal of the Community is to create a space where customers can come together to support each other and share their ideas in a supportive way. We want you to think of the Community as a first stop to search for an answer to any question you may have.

With that in mind, today seemed like the perfect time to kick off our first educational series of threads and share some tips on making your Community experience a great one.

Whether you’re new to the Community or you’ve been using it since release, the tips below are helpful at any stage.

  • We’d love to know more about you! Because of that, we’ve created a new category and thread in the Community. The “Important” category will be the official location we post important information and any community announcements. The thread “Introduce yourself” should be where you stop by and share what you hope to gain from the Community.
  • Check out your profile and add a profile photo! Seeing your face, or something you love helps other Expensify users and us to connect and feel a stronger sense of togetherness.
  • Set your notification preferences. Do you want to be notified every time someone posts a reply to your question or answer? Would you rather have notifications on the web or your mobile phone? These notifications can be set up from the cog in the top right > Edit Profile > Notification Preferences section of your profile.
  • If you haven’t already, it’s a great idea to read through our Community guidelines and Support Methodology. Understanding what's expected of you as a member of the Community and what you can expect from Expensify’s Success team, will help you get the best quality responses to your questions and ideas.

Don’t forget that everyone here is a resource for your Expensify questions, and we all genuinely want to help you succeed in Expensify. Feel free to post a question, answer someone else’s or share a product idea that you've been thinking about.


P.S. - check back in next week for another article in our education series!

Link to week 2.

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