Admin Webinar Q&A - 21 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


Can you please define "Max Expense Age?"
This is something set by a company if they do not want employees submitting 'old' expenses without extra approval/flagging for review.

Can you go over eReceipts and why you would use them?
eReceipts are for the US only, when a card is imported directly from the bank. Only under $75 and not for lodging. Essentially it just means that smaller amounts don't need a receipt if they were incurred on a card.

Can you limit what categories employees see - such as certain categories for specific depts?
No you can't. The way to do this would be with separate Policies, but you really want to keep the amount of Policies you have to a minimum.

Managing People

I am the bookkeeper and the admin invited me but my screen doesn't have the connections or many of the other tabs. Whaaat has he done wrong? He wants me to have all of these tabs.
Sounds like he needs to set your role to 'Admin' under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > People.

"Approver" doesn't equal Manager?
It might if your Approvers just happen to be 'Managers' in your organization. But there is not an official role of 'Manager' or 'approver' per se. There is 'Policy Admin', 'Auditor' or 'Employee'. Any user who has reports submitted to them as an 'Approver' but there is not official 'Approver' role.

Billing & Ownership

As the bookkeeper, are they billed for me as an active user?
If you take actions on reports or export to accounting software this is a billable action. If you are just viewing the data there would be no billable action.

If we have an external accountant that only needs to get a copy of the final approval from a manager - does he needs to have an active license?
No, if he's just viewing, you can invite him as an Auditor and he won't be 'active'.


I see the connection to Xero but where is the connection to QB desktop?
When you go to Settings - Policies, you want to be looking at the Policy under Company Policies, not Personal Policy. I think you may be looking at a personal policy.

Can I find an article in the help documents that will explain - duplicate expenses are being downloaded to QBO. (possibly a preference is set up incorrectly)?
The trick is to export from Expensify to QuickBooks Online before you import the bank feed into QBO. This should prevent any duplicates.

Company Cards & Domain Control

One of the things I want to do is integrate Credit Card Charges directly to people's expense reports. Where is that done?
This will depend on whether they are Company cards. If so, you can set up a corporate feed under Domain Control. Maddy will talk about this shortly and we also have a special webinar you can register for.

Would love to find out more information about the company card webinar.
You can register here.


How would you copy a corporate policy for 2018 to use for 2019? For example, we need a separate bucket for 2018 and 2019 Health Savings Account Claims.
I would not create a separate Policy, I'd actually use a 'Tag' to designate the year.

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