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Hi, I’m wanting to share a custom export template with a colleague who has similar need to me but cant see an option to this effect. Does anyone know if this can be done?

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Kiwifruitloop, thanks for posting again!

    Export templates can be a confusing subject, so let's start by labelled all the different types.

    There are two main types of Custom Export Template.

    The first are Export Templates you can edit. The second are Export Templates you cannot (but the folks here at Expensify might be able to).

    Export Templates you can edit

    These are created from either Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > Export Formats or Settings > Your Account
    Preferences > CSV Export Formats.

    These will always be in either a CSV* or XLS (Excel) format:

    And they will always be shown with the corresponding logo's beside them:

    • Export Formats created from Your Account
      Preferences > CSV Export Formats
      will only be available to you and nobody else on your Policy or Domain.

    • Export Formats created from Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > Export Formats will be available to all users on the Policy listed in the Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > People > Policy Members table.

    There is no way to "share" from one to the other though. For this, you would have to manually recreate one template in the other location.

    *If you want to learn more about "CSV without BOM", check out this link. Beware though, it's fairly technical and confusing. This is mainly an option there for Microsoft Access users.

    Export templates you cannot edit:

    These are always templates created by Expensify. Any template which either:

    • Is referenced by a Logo (Sage, Dynamics, Oracle, SAP etc)
    • Is referenced by a document with a green arrow

    These cannot be edited or shared by you (although every user has access to these standard templates) and can add all Policy Admins can add an Indirect Accounting template (those with the logos) from their Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name]_ > Connections > Accounting Integrations settings and clicking Connect beside the template they'd like:

    Note: If you have other templates besides the default that Expensify has created for you - these will also show the document with a green arrow as their icon. If you require these to be shared with users, please email These cannot be shared with more than ~5 people as maintaining them takes a lot of resources!