Amex 18-digit reference number available?

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I download the Amex detail transactions from the Amex website. It contains a field labeled "Reference" which has unique 18-digit numbers that are similar to "320182980070xxxxxx".

When I use the API template for expense downloading, I have looked at all the fields. The "expense.transactionID" does contain 17-digit numbers in the format "33482920794xxxxxx".

While these numbers look very similar, they are not the same. I am trying to do my own external reconcile of the Amex to Expenses. I lack a common field, such as the transaction number.

Are you storing the Amex 18-digit number in Expensify? Is it accessible via the API?


  • Ted Harris
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    Hi again @InnovAsian - I'm not 100% whether this is what you're after but could you try expense.externalID and check if that's the number you're after?

    Remember to let us know if it is so that others can find this information on the Community too!

  • InnovAsian
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    Yes, that is the correct field. Hopefully it will be added to the report template documentation.

    Also, the field returns the Amex 18-digit number twice in the format:

    I download a large number of expenses that had the Amex number and both numbers in the expense.externalID field are the same. I am not sure what will cause them to be different, but I am just using the first one.