Admin Webinar Q&A - 26 November 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

How come the main inbox keeps offering me days free after I am set up to bill annually?
We offer a free trial for all users who create a new Policy, which can be extended by completing certain tasks. If you do this even long after your trial ends, it will mean a reduction in your bill that month!


Can you run a report just by client? So, if we are a consulting firm and want to send a monthly re-billable report to the client, is that run from this page?
You can filter by client name tag from the Expenses page, then export a spreadsheet (e.g. .XLS or .CSV).

What are closed reports if they have not been reimbursed?
A Closed Report is a Report that requires no further action. Usually, Closed Reports occur on a Submit and Close workflow, or are under a user's Personal Policy. This is a big red flag for admins - if your user has a Closed report and you can't see it, it is likely to be on their Personal Policy.

Can you reopen a closed report?
Yes you can! Simply click on the Report and then the Reopen button at the top.

Should employees start with Expenses and with policies created, it will then transfer the expenses to reports? (Am I understanding that correctly?)
That's correct! The Policy Admin can set up Scheduled Submit within the Policy settings, which means that the Expenses can be automatically added to Reports and then automatically submitted!

If an employee is a little unorganized and submits several different receipts (expenses) over the course of a few days, but it's the same job. Would "tagging" keep these expenses in the same report?
If they're all from the same Project or Customer, that would certainly help...however in your situation, I would recommend having a weekly Scheduled Submit setting in your Policy. This will batch all Expenses from Monday - Sunday into one Report.

Managing People

In this example, would "Rach Test" ever be able to final approve, as her "approves to" is blank?
If someone's "Approves To" is blank, then they would be the final approver.

So if they are marked as an approver and that is blank, they are the final approver?
In the context of an Advanced Approval workflow, then yes! Keep in mind that they'll only be a Final Approver for that specific user, as you can have different Approvers in the Advanced Approval workflow.

If they aren't an approver, then they are not a final approver are they?
That's correct! Only Approvers can approve and final approve, so if they're just a standard user/submitter, then they won't be approving.

Billing & Ownership

So I pay per policy?
You will pay per active user across all policies which you are the 'owner' of. Or if you have set an Annual Subscription, this will be the minimum number of users who you pay for.

Will the billing sort per policy?
Yes, your bill will be itemized per Policy.

I have 3 policies - 1 for each business.
In your case I'd recommend working out how many users you have each month, then taking out an Annual Subscription for that number. Feel free to email [email protected] if you'd like further advice!

Company Cards & Domain Control

Where do we sign up for the company card webinar? (is there a link?)
You can register here!

Some of the same people work in each of the businesses - and use corporate credit cards in each business. Should I be inviting them as a user using their different emails per each company? Or use 1 email...the same email address...but use that same email on each of the policies?
It's always recommended that you separate these users by email, as the only way that Expensify can import corporate cards is via domain control (and users will need to have a matching domain email to be a part of that domain). However, more than one email address can be associated with one Expensify account as a Secondary Login.


Can you tell me is there a webinar that covers foreign expenditure and can we choose our own conversion rates?
You cannot choose an exchange rate, but you can apply a currency conversion surcharge on a cash expense. You can also import the true card transaction + fee from your bank.

Do you do Travel Reporting?
We offer a direct integration with quite a few travel providers (e.g. Egencia, locomote etc)! Within the Travel tab in your Policy, you'll also be able to generate a Report of all travel taken within a time period.

My tags and categories are switched around....can I reconfigure this after it's been loaded?
Yes, you absolutely can, assuming you added these manually. You should be able to export to CSV then import again. Note that your users will need to recode any existing expenses.

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