Admin Webinar Q&A - 27 November 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

I would like to know how to become a Policy Admin- I just created a new account.
Great! To become a policy admin, you'll need to create a company policy. You can create a policy by following Settings > Policies and then select the "New Policy" button in the top right corner. You can find a guide for getting started here.

Can I create a policy then send it to the employee?
Yes! To allow an employee to submit reports on your company policy, you'll need to invite them to the policy. Once you invite them, they can choose that policy on their report. You can learn how to invite users to your policy here.


Is there a filter for Company Cards?
Yes! If you have credit cards connected, you'll see a filter on your Expenses page that will allow you to filter in a specific card. If you are a domain and policy admin, all cards on your domain will appear in that filter.

Can the admin identify expenses that an employee hasn’t reported?
If the expenses were incurred on a company card, you can use the reconciliation dashboard to locate and report stray expenses. You can learn how to use the Reconciliation Dashboard here.

How do I create an expense report that contains several Categories?
Sure thing! You'll be able to attribute a Category to each expense on the report.

Managing People

Can somebody outside my organization (i.e. the client) be an approver?
No, in order to be included in the approval workflow as an approver all users must be a member of your company policy. However, you can share a report with someone outside of the policy!

Can a policy have more than one admin?
Yes, there can! You can have as many Policy Admins as you'd like on your policy. Learn more about modifying user roles here.


Is there an easy way to add new vendors during the report approval process?
If Vendors are added as Categories or Tags, you’ll need to add those items your accounting integration first and then sync them over to Expensify. Unfortunately that means there really is no easy way to do that during the approval process.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Where is the Reconciliation Dashboard?
You can find that under Settings > Domain Control > Company Cards! You can check out a guide on using the Reconciliation Dashboard

Can you have a single credit card assigned to multiple users?
Are you asking if you can assign one company card to multiple users? If so you can, however be aware that all expenses from that card will import into both users' accounts!

Can you please send me the link for the Company Card Webinar?
Sure thing! It occurs on Thursdays - you can register here.

My company's bank is not currently supported by Expensify and I'm worried that we're not going to be eligible for a bank feed. Is there any way to upload one .csv containing all company card expenses for our employees?
Sorry, that’s not currently possible. At the moment, each user would need to upload the CSV of transactions into their account individually.

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