Company Cards Webinar Q&A - November 29th

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.


We have 20 corporate Credit Cards assigned to employees. Which option would work best for us on the feed side? The company pays for the card.
It is best to check with your banking manager to see if you are eligible for the Corporate feed. The Corporate feed is more reliable. You can find more information on setting that up here.

Can you do a scheduled submit for just Credit Card expenses?
Scheduled submit applies to all expenses on your account. Check out this help doc for more details

Does each employee have their own credit card? If so, how to reconcile for each card?
For cards linked through the employee's personal account, you would have to reconcile outside of Expensify using the reports they submitted. When at all possible, please use the Company Card feed to allow the reconciliation.

Are Delta cards compatible with Commercial Card feeds?
You would need to check with your Banking manager to see if you qualify for CDF or VCF direct feeds.

If an employee uses multiple credit cards, are all cards reported at the same time?
Yes, all of the cards are reported at the same time.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

Can the statement payment for the company card be made from Expensify once reconciled?
We are not able to make payments directly to your Company Credit Card company.

Experimenting with Reconciliation Dashboard and entered the dates 9/29/-10/28/18 (which match my credit card statement dates). However, the Imported Total does not match the balance showing on my credit card statement.
These may be off if the posting dates are different than the purchase dates based on how your card sends them.

You can tell visually only by scrolling through? Or you can sort or run a report for missing receipts? Visually scrolling through will not be efficient for cards with a lot of activity
You can export the report for all unreported expenses using the Loading dock.

I have employees one on company card, but have different email domains. Can I use the reconciliation dashboard for 2 domains so that the statement amount touches all cards issued under our single corporate credit card account?
Each Domain will have a separate Reconciliation dashboard. There is not a way to combine two, unfortunately.

Will Reconciliation Dashboard if we are using debit cards?
The Reconciliation Dashboard will work for any expenses imported using the Company Card feed.

Currently, the company cards are used to purchase travel, meals, etc. and are posted in QBO under their respective supplier, i.e. Expedia travel expense needs to be added under the Vendor Expedia and not the person who's credit card it was charged to. Can I export one report and have it be distributed to several vendors?
You can map to vendors using the Company Cards settings under the blue cog as shown earlier.

Domain Control

Can I add additional employees if they don't automatically appear as a domain member?
You can invite a Domain member within Domain Control>Members as shown here.

What happens to the expenses once you send to Accounting package?
That would depend on how you set the expense to export into the Accounting package.

If we use Quickbooks can we reconcile through that or do we have to reconcile through Expensify?
You can do which ever one you prefer.

What about linking with an accounting software? At what point of the process does the data get imported into the accounting software?
You can export the reports to the accounting software. Check out our knowledge base for your integration

Do you recommend linking our corporate credit card data into expensify AND Quick Books online or just into Expensify?
*You can do either or both. Check out this guide for avoiding duplicates.

Regarding coding, what about Classes or Locations in QuickBooks?
Classes and locations can import as tags from QuickBooks. Search our knowledge base for your specific QuickBooks.

Is there a webinar that covers how to connect credit card transactions to QBO?
There is not a specific one. Please reach out to [email protected] and we will gladly help there. You can also check out more information on our page here.

Once you compile these transactions, how do they appear in QBO?
You can export these to QBO depending on how you set up the Configuration.

So once corrected coding then sync again?
You can export the report again once the coding has been updated.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

What if many employees have departmental GL codes?
You can import the departments as tags on your policy.

Please explain Corporate Policy?
A Corporate policy offers multi-stage approval workflows, corporate card management, integrations, and more. Check out our breakdown here.

How to correct GL codes for expenses are in wrong account?
You can edit these Categories as an Admin. Please check out our help page here.

Can you set limits for approvals on company card charges? So, in other words, if an employee needs to have any expenses above $50 approved by their supervisor, it will alert them or make it need an approval if they have a card for $75.
You can set limits for expenses that will flag them as violations.

Are they able to easily sort their reports to see which expenses they are missing receipts for?
You can tell on the report which expenses are missing the receipt. Another option is to require receipts or they will receive a violation.

Can you alert employees to missing receipts easily?
There isn't an automatic reminder sent to your employees for missing expenses. If you find any missing, you can reach out or place a comment on the employee's report.

Will the smart scan receipts in foreign currencies auto merge with credit card transactions appearing in US Dollars?
Yes, there is a percentage margin allowed when merging these expenses. As long as the currency is clear, SmartScan is smart enough to convert to the proper currency (indicated by your policy or your account settings) and merge with the incoming credit card transaction.


Yes please send link to admin webinar
Please register here.

How to make sure that SmartScan is enabled?
You can disable and enable SmartScan from a web browser (not the mobile app) by navigating to Settings > Your Account > Preferences and then clicking the SmartScan toggle.

Alternatively, after capturing your receipt image with the mobile app, click the Add details link on the bottom of the screen to open the expense and from there click Fill out details myself to stop SmartScanning and manually enter in the expense details.

Category = GL account, Tag=Customer or Job?
Yes, that is correct.

How is tax handled and/or captured from the receipts?
Check out our Tax Tracking here.

Can credit card expenses be split between companies or policies?
You can certainly split expenses as shown here.

Can all these same policies and procedures be applied to personal cards as well -- for example the default card expense categories?
Personal cards can have default card categories or MCC codes.

Does a user have to enable SmartScan or is it automatic for any receipt picture taken on the app?
SmartScan needs to be enabled with the user's account. It is enabled by default. Check out more information here.

Are there additional costs associated with using SmartScan or is it included in our monthly per user fee?
Everything is included in the monthly per user fee.

What exactly is the "e-receipt"?
eReceipts are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases of $75 or less. This means you can ignore paper receipts entirely, no typing and no SmartScanning required.

Can you name the report once you import them into a new report?
You certainly can! As long as your company does not have Default Report titles enabled, you can edit the report titles.

Can you set up a secondary tag?
You can set up multi-level tags.

If you have missing receipts can you override the policy to get them into the reports?
You can import the receipt or reject the report back to the employee to have them add the receipt.

Does the domain in the e-receipt email address need to match the policy name to sync?
No, the e-receipt will import to the account that the card is assigned.

If an employee is in more than one policy (business), do they log into one expensify account? Using a secondary email for the other policies?
Yes, they can log into one Expensify account and switch policies by clicking on the user icon. They can then select the default policy they would like to work under.

Where are the categories coded to the chart of accounts?
Categories can be either manually added or imported from your linked accounting software. You can find more explanation about that here.

My QB's GL is a hierarchy and, for example, I have several airfares to classify by department. So how do I get the correct account number to that one employee?
Our team will need to look further into the specifics. Please reach out to [email protected] for detailed help.

I have several travel departments such as 50001, 60001, 70001. Some employees are assigned to these departments?
You can assign departments as tags.

How to correct GL codes for expenses are in wrong account?
You can edit these Categories as an Admin. Please check out our page here


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