Admin Webinar Q&A - 20 November 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

I have a Team policy - what are the main differences between the Team and Corporate policy types?
The main difference is that advanced approval and domain control are only available on a Corporate policy, and Team policy offers fewer integrations. You can learn more about the different policy types here.


If the approver rejects a report, will the employee will have to create a new report for the expenses? Can't they just re-submit with the edits?
No, the employee will not need to create a new report. When a report is rejected, it will be sent back to the employee in the Open state. From there, they will be able to make any necessary changes and resubmit the existing report.

How do you delete old Reports once they are submitted?
Reports cannot be submitted unless they are in the Open state. Instead, you will need to use filters to hide them. Remember, once you configure your filters they will retain that configuration until they are manually changed again. That means you can configure your filters how you like, and the filters will remain that way even if you log out of your account!

Once reports are submitted and reimbursed, will they still show in my Reports page since I am the admin?
Yes, Expensify will never remove an Approved or Reimbursed report from the Admin’s account. Rather, you will need to use filters to hide them. As the admin, you will have visibility of all reports on your policy.


Is it possible to Reimburse Employees through ADP Payroll using the integration?
No, that is not possible. Expensify does offer an ADP integration, however it does not work to reimburse employees outside of Expensify. You can learn more about the ADP integration here.

Managing People

We have about 250 accounting categories. Can we assign categories to specific policy members, or will all members of the policy see all the categories?
All users on a policy will be able to see all enabled categories on that policy - there is no way to make certain categories only visible to specific users.

Can the CoPilot role be used by Executives to delegate the entering of expenses to admins or their assistant?
Yes, this is a great use of a copilot! You can learn more about the CoPilot role here.

Billing & Ownership

Are we billed for only active users in a given month?
It depends. If you have an annual subscription, you will be billed for all members of your subscription, regardless of activity. If you are on flex billing, you will only be billed for active users. If you'd like to learn more about the different billing options, check out this handy guide!

Is flex billing billed monthly?
Yes, all Expensify billing is processed on a monthly basis.

Does Expensify bill based on number of users and policies? For example, if one user is active on two policies, would the billing owner be charged twice for that user?
No, a user would only be billed once regardless of how many policies that user is active on. Expensify’s billing is based on active users, and does not take policies into account. That means you can have as many policies as you like - as long as the policies are owned by the same billing owner, they’ll only be billed once for each user.

Can you define an active user? If 10 users on subscription but only 5 submit a report in a period - am I billed based on 5 or 10 users?
An active user is anyone who has created, submitted, approved, reimbursed or exported expense data on a company policy within a given month. However, if you have an annual subscription set at 10 users, you will be billed for 10 users.

If I am the Policy Admin but my personal assistant is a Co-Pilot. Would I be billed for 1 or 2 users?
If a CoPilot takes any action on a report, then the policy’s billing owner would be billed for that user. An active user is anyone who has created, submitted, approved, reimbursed or exported expense data on a company policy within a given month.


Can we change our policy’s categories to match the COA in our accounting software?
If you are connected to an accounting integration, you will need to add categories and tags on the accounting side first. Then, when you sync your policy, they will be imported into Expensify.

*Does Expensify integrate with QuickBooks?**
Yes! Expensify works with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. You can learn more about connecting to Quickbooks Online here, and Quickbooks Desktop here.

**Can I connect one accounting package to several policies? **
Yes! Accounting integrations are connected on the policy level, so you’ll be able to connect multiple policies to a single accounting integration if you wish.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Could you please send me the link for the Company Card Administration webinar?
Sure! You can register for that webinar here.

I want to validate my domain. How do I get started with that process?
To get started with Domain Control, head to Settings > Domain Control > Take Control. Remember, you must have a Corporate policy to enable Domain Control. You can find a guide for taking control of your domain here.


Can one expense be split between categories of more than one policy?
No, an expense can only be associated with a single report, which can only be associated with a single policy. If you need to attribute a single expense to several different policies, my suggestion would be to split the expense and then attribute the appropriate category to each split. You can learn more about splitting expenses here.

**Can Expensify detect duplicate expenses? **
Yes, Expensify can detect duplicated SmartScanned expenses. You can learn more about how Expensify identifies as resolves duplicate expenses here.

"Is Smartscan only based on US vendors?
No, SmartScan works internationally. As long as the receipt is written in the latin alphabet, a date and total, SmartScan will create the expense in your account!

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