Admin Webinar Q&A - 4 December 2018

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

What is the difference between Tags and Categories?
This really does depend on whether you are using an accounting integration or not (and if so, which integration). But Categories are typically the primary "label" on an expense (or COA/GL Code if using an integration), while Tag is more of a secondary label (or Class/Project etc. if using an integration). You can learn more about Tags here.

Can you please show me how to add Categories to my policy so that I can apply them to expenses?
Sure thing! You can find the steps to add Categories to your policy here.


Sometimes we work on projects where customers want us to submit reports for reimbursement on their travel policy. How do we manage this, especially when the reports need to be exported to an accounting integration like Netsuite?
Sure thing! You would just need to be invited to the policy in order to submit or approve on the policy. As long as the accounting integration is connected to the policy, reports submitted on that policy can be exported to that accounting system.

Managing People

Is there a minimum number of users required to use Expensify
No, there is not a minimum number of users - you can have as many policy members as you’d like!

How do I trigger an email notification when expense reports are submitted?
When a report is submitted, the approver of the report will receive an email notification letting them know that the report is ready for their approval. If you want to send a notification on an already submitted report, you can post a comment in the Report History and Comments section of the report to send a notification to all participants on the report. Learn more here.

Can I set up my Approval Workflow to assign employees more than one manager to approve the expense report?
No, the Approval Workflow allows you to set one approver per employee. But you can make the approver dependent on the report's total. For example: reports under $1000 are approved by Manager 1, reports over $1000 are approved by Manager 2. You can find more info on that here.

Is the Advanced Approval Workflow included in the Corporate policy type?
Yes, the Advanced approval workflow (i.e. multiple approvers) is included in a Corporate policy. You can learn more on setting up an Advanced Approval Workflow here.


Does the Corporate policy include the NetSuite integration?
Yes, it does! You can learn more about connecting to NetSuite here.

My Expensify policy is connected to Xero. How do expenses get sent to Xero and how regularly?
If you have Auto Sync enabled, when a non-reimbursable report is final approved in Expensify, we will automatically queue it for export. If a withdrawal account has been added for ACH reimbursement, any reimbursable expenses will be auto-synced when the report is either marked as reimbursed or enabled for reimbursement. You can see if Auto Sync is enabled under Settings > Policies > [policy name] > Connections > Configure > Advanced. If Auto Sync is not enabled, reports will need to be exported manually. You can learn more about how Auto Sync works here.

Can you code expenses with a Class and/or Job code in Quickbooks?
Yes you can! Once you connect your policy to Quickbooks, you'll be able to import your Classes and Customers/Jobs into Expensify as Tags, and then export expenses to Quickbooks with those Tags (i.e. Customer/Jobs, Classes) still attached. You can find more information on how this coding works here.

What are some potential reasons why I would see duplicated reports in Quickbooks Online?
There are a few different reasons why this could occur: 1. is Auto-Sync enabled, and you are also manually exporting reports? You can determine this by looking at the Report History and Comments section of an affected report. 2. Are these credit card expenses? If so, these will merge within Quickbooks as long as the reports are exported first, and then the transactions are accepted from the register second. Otherwise you may see duplicate expenses. If you are still having trouble, please reach out to [email protected]


Does Expensify offer phone support?
Not at this time. Offering phone support for Expensify customers has long been on our wishlist, but it’s not something we’ve found a way to provide quite yet. With exploding growth, a small team and a very technical product, it’s not realistic or feasible to offer timely phone support. With that being said, email-based support allows us to tackle issues by looking into accounts, consulting with other teams across multiple time zones, and engage in any necessary testing in order to come back with a complete and helpful written response that you'll be able to refer back to if needed.

If you use multiple tax codes, do you need to have a separate policy for each one?
No - you can add multiple tax codes to a single Expensify policy! When you have multiple tax codes, employees will be able to choose the appropriate tax from a dropdown menu within the expense. You can learn more about tracking tax within Expensify here.

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