Approving Reports With Expenses Waiting to Be Merged With Corporate Card

Greg_T Expensify Customer Posts: 1


We're struggling to determine how to handle the fact that it can take many days for our corporate card feed to come into Expensify and perform a match on a Smart Scanned receipt.

If someone takes a picture of a receipt it will go into Expensify as a cash expense with a violation of "waiting for merge." Eventually the merge will happen, but many times this happens well after the expense needs to be submitted for approval.

The problem this creates is that while the expense is temporarily marked as Cash, it is also marked as Reimbursable. This means that staff either need to manually go back and mark all their expenses as non reimbursable or the approver of the report needs to keep checking back on submitted reports until all the merges happen and not approve it until then, otherwise employees will get reimbursed for corporate card expenses.

Neither of these scenarios sound ideal so I have to imagine we're missing something with the process. What is the correct way to handle submitted reports that have expenses that haven't merged with their associated corporate card transaction so employees don't get incorrectly reimbursed?