Company Cards Webinar Q&A - December 6th

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Today’s recording is here and the guide is here. here


Can you assign a single card to multiple individuals?
Assigning a single card to multiple users will likely result in duplicate expenses. Since one card is being used among multiple users, the transactions made by each person using that card would import into each employee's account, making it difficult to decipher which expenses belong to who. Long story short, you can! But, it's not best practice.

Can I have credit cards (one account with multiple cards) linked to domain control and another credit card (will cancel soon) linked to the policy?
That's fine! Especially if you're getting ready to cancel that card, you can import it under your account settings if need be. Otherwise, it's best to have all company cards imported in one place under Domain Control so they can be centrally managed.

Has the Commbiz (Commenwealth Bank in Australia) removed it's connection?
There are some known connectivity issues with Commonwealth Bank. These stem from a change made on the bank’s server we connect with to import transaction data. That said, with Commonwealth Bank, disabling the NetLock device requirement can sometimes fix this connectivity issue. I'd suggest giving that a try, and if that doesn't re-establish the connection, please reach out to [email protected] so we can review your connection attempt logs associated with your account.

I cannot disconnect the Netlock device as that is our payment authorisation tool. Any other options?
Ah, I see. If disabling the NetLock device isn't an option, there's, unfortunately, not a fix for this broken bank connection at this time. I know my banking team is currently working on this connection to try to find a way to re-establish the connection, but I don't have an ETA of when that will be available. In the interim, you can download a CSV file of your bank transactions and then upload that spreadsheet into Expensify. More on this option can be found here.

What if our bank doesn't allow for the Commercial Card Feed and you have to use Direct Connect? Will it work the same?
These connections are slightly different. The commercial card feed is often more stable as transaction data imports directly from the bank. That said, a direct connection with your bank still works to import and track transaction data.

Our bank said that all the card transactions will export via Direct Connect as the Primary cardholder. If this is the case, will Expensify still be able to assign them to a user?
So, you'll assign company cards in Domain Control. You do this under Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > Assign New Card. Then, there's a drop-down menu that includes employee email addresses and another that lists card numbers. From there, you can assign all available company cards.

Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard

What if credit card bill does not match "Imported total?"
If the total doesn't match your credit card statement, that means an employee may not have submitted all of their expenses. You would use the Reconciliation Dashboard to locate missing expenses.

What do you do if your imported total does not match bank statement total?
If the imported total doesn't match your bank statement total that likely means some employees haven't submitted their expenses. Or, there may be some transactions still pending so they haven't imported into an employees' account yet. You'd want to use the Reconciliation Dashboard to locate missing expenses.

Do you have to use domain control if you have company cards?
Not necessarily, but it's definitely recommended so you can centrally manage all of your employees' cards.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

When team members scan receipts a couple of times, the ability to merge does not always work. Why would this be?
If the SmartScanned receipt didn't automatically merge with the intended card transaction, it will likely be caused by one of the reasons outlined in this troubleshooting guide.

Can you please cover how data syncs with my QuickBooks so that I know what to expect once transactions are all approved and sync to QBO?
You'd want to connect Quickbooks Online to your policy under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections. Once your policy is connected to QBO, if you have Auto-Sync enabled, report data will sync automatically with QBO once the report is approved.

Can I create a policy that ONLY applies to credit card holders without having to create a new email address for cardholders?
Each user account needs to be associated with a usable and deliverable email address. So, no, there's not a way to create an Expensify account for someone without using an email address.


Is there a way to require tags on card transactions?
Yes! You can enable the requirement for tags under Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Tags.

Is sharing a policy with other users the same as Domain Control?
It's not. A policy is a set of rules that govern how reports are submitted. It's also where you manage your accounting integration, invite users to your policy, etc. Domain Control is an additional set of features that help you to further manage user accounts associated with your domain.

Will you ever have to merge a Smartscanned receipt and a credit card expense manually?
Any SmartScanned receipt should automatically merge with an imported card expense. On the off chance you do have to manually merge expenses together, you'd head to the Expenses page on the web app, check the box next to each of the expenses you would like to merge. Once selected, a "merge" button will appear at the top of the page. For more information on this, check out this doc.

Do multiple company credit cards under Domain Control sync to one credit card account in my accounting integration?
Company cards can be exported to a pooled or individual GL accounts. Take a look at this help doc for an overview of how this works.

Is there any way to talk to a real person instead of via email or "chat"?
Expensify doesn't offer phone support, but we have a small but knowledgeable team of product experts that try to answer your questions as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. For more information on our support methodology, check out this Community post.

Is there a link to a previous Employee Training webinar that we can send to employees as they onboard?
All of our past webinars, as well as links to sign up for future webinars, can be found here.

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