How can I print receipts from specific date range

Hi all
We like the filters in "expenses" but it seems to be missing a print function.
We want to print all receipts from a specific date range using different tags.
Is this possible?



  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 1,763 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Multitudo, welcome! At this time the only way to print receipt images is to first place them on a report and then print the report. (Below)

    I hope this helps!

  • I know. The problem is that we use a report as a project where multiple users post their expenses connected to this project. This is necessary for us to track expenses per project. It would be perfect if we could export several expenses as pdf with the receipts in full. It's a bit strange that you can select a date range and tags but can only export to csv/xls...Seems to me it's not that much work to integrate a PDF solution in expenses like in reports. If not possible I'm afraid we'll have to look for other software.

  • Ted PeetersTed Peeters Posts: 261 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @Multitudo - is there a specific reason you need to export receipt images across users, rather than just the link to the image along with all the information about the expense itself?

    When you also say that you:

    use a report as a project where multiple users post their expenses connected to this project

    Are you saying that you currently have one Expensify account per Project where multiple users Copilot into to report these? This isn't a typical workflow in Expensify and usually projects are simply tracked by a Policy Tag per individual and collated later by a Policy Admin who would export to the CSV you mentioned.

    I'm definitely intrigued as to what you're doing with the PDF images of receipts. Are you storing them elsewhere? Printing them off? As you'll always retain access to these in Expensify as a Policy Admin, it's just interesting to find you'd duplicate the storage of them somewhere else.

    Let me know if I've misunderstood though!

  • Hi Ted,
    Some explanation. We are pilots and use expensify to track our expenses per flight. So a report is a flight for us. We are with 4 persons and all of us need to see all expenses in a report. So indeed we use the co-pilot option since we cannot share reports among different users. Also we use different creditcards in a specific report. Every month when we get our creditcard report we filter the expenses per cc (tags). Unfortunately we still need a paper copy of all expenses in case of an audit. So it would be easy for us if we could filter expenses per cc report and create a pdf with all receipts and documents for a specific date range.
    I hope this clarifies our wishes.
    Thanks for the support.

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