E-mailing receipts and multiple policies

We have three subsidiary companies sharing one Expensify account, so we have separate policies set up to make sure the expenses feed to the correct subsidiary. A few employees work for all three companies and they know how to scan and submit expenses to the correct policy. When they email a receipt to [email protected], is there a way to direct that to the correct policy? The emailed receipts seem to automatically feed to a report, but it's frequently a report for the wrong policy. Is there a way to prevent that?


  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 842 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @DaniM,

    Each user will need to set their Default Policy (they click/tap on their profile pic). When they SmartScan a receipt, it will either be Unreported or go onto a report under this policy, if the policy uses Scheduled Submit.

    Unfortunately there is no way to specify Policy via email, they will just need to be vigilant. I would recommend they set their Personal Policy as the default and manually create ALL their reports across the three policies.

    This is one situation where automation can create a real mess.
    Let me know if I can help with anything further!

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