Admin Webinar Q&A - 10 December 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Is there a sample policy we can play around with?
Please feel to free to create a new Policy - this will grant you a free trial, and you'll be able to delete the Policy when you're done, with no penalties! If your free trial period is over, you jut get billed based on active users, no matter how many policies those users are active on.


Can users split accounts? Like 50% phone and 50% meals
Yes! Users will be able to manually "split" their expenses and code each part separately! This is great when you have one expense which has two categories needed or two tax codes.

Can you talk about currencies and conversion? Thank you for your time!
We have a great guide to all of this in our help docs.

We have international staff who use per diem. Can one policy have multiple currencies in it, or is that something that we would need to set up as a separate policy? Sorry for not being more specific, we're just at the beginning of trying to integrate them into Expensify.
All expenses will be converted back to the output currency on the policy, so matter which currency they were incurred in. If you reimburse in different currencies, each Policy will need to have its own separate currency (i.e. you can't have multiple output currencies on one Policy). Our recommendation here is to set up one Policy per reimbursement currency, and invite users to them accordingly. Your accounting software may also influence this.

Please say more about paper receipts vs eReceipts. By paper receipt do you mean an image of a paper receipt?
Yes, by 'paper receipt' Rachael means the SmartScan of the paper receipt as opposed to an imported credit card transaction.

Do you mean reports under Scheduled Submit will be submitted if all the requirements are met?
That's correct! As long as there are no violations, your report will be automatically submitted with scheduled submit.

Manually is still a type of scheduled submit, right?
Yes, that's correct - it will build the reports automatically, but it will be a manual submission process for your employees/users!

Isn't cash the same as reimbursement (effectively)?
A Cash Expense in Expensify is generally considered a reimbursable Expense. A Cash Expense is anything that's SmartScanned, or manually created, or a per diem or a mileage expense. But Cash expenses are not necessarily reimbursable. They may be on a credit card which is not connected, or using petty cash.

Can you make it so that an employee has to select a category or they can't submit the report?
Yes you can! Within your Policy settings under the Categories tab, you can enable this (i.e. "Always Categorize Expenses")

As a partner in a consulting firm, I need to bring together all the expenses for each client (project) incurred by each consultant to forward to the client for reimbursement. Can you walk through how I would do this - bundle all the expenses and the receipts to forward to the client?
If you connect to accounting software, you can set this so that Billable expenses will raise a bill automatically. Alternatively, you can filter on the Expenses page by client name and export to CSV.

Managing People

Is there a bookkeeper/admin user that doesn't do anything but means I can help my clients in Expensify?
We definitely offer that role! It's called an "Auditor" - here's some more info. This is a view and comment role. If you want to be able to take action on reports, you'll need to be a Policy Admin or a Copilot.

Is it correct that up to only two levels of approvers can be set?
An Advanced Approval workflow can have multiple levels of approvers!

Billing & Ownership

Will the expensify fee be one fee for each domain?
Expensify charges the billing owner based on the amount of users using Expensify each month. We don't charge by Domain or Policy. The receipt will be broken down by Policy so you can see which company/subsidiary has incurred what billing.


Can you have multiple QuickBooks Online accounts?
Yes, you can connect Expensify to multiple QBO accounts, with one account linked per Policy.

Company Cards & Domain Control

How do connect company cards so the transactions get pushed to the employees to submit receipts?
Users can connect a personal card under their account settings, or Admins can connect company cards under Domain Control.

I have two separate companies with two separate domains - how do I start a new account with expensify for the new company?
You can actually validate a second Domain in your current account. To so this, simply click on Settings > Domain Control > New Domain. You do not need an additional user account.

What do we do if people already created accounts before I set up the domain?
You will just want to check their settings in your Domain and invite them to the company Policy.

I know I can read more at the knowledge base for credit card integration - can you touch upon it a bit now? Most of the transactions are from credit card uses in my case.
We actually have another webinar especially for this, our Company Card Administration & Reconciliation Webinar.


Do I have to have multiple logins to access multiple clients?
If you are an accountant, you will have your own Expensify account and set up at least one Policy per client. Then you will invite them to access/use the policy with their own Expensify account.

What does 'eReceipt enabled' mean?
eReceipts are US-based electronic receipts for any credit card expenses under $75 (that aren't hotels or lodging). These are IRS compliant.

Can we set different rules depending on whether it is reimburse (cash) or company credit card? Or do we have to have two different top-level policies?
Yes you can, you'll want to think about whether one Policy will suffice though. You can force company cards under domain control to be non-reimbursable, and set cash to default to reimbursable, so there may not be a need to.

We have two types of tags, classes and customers:job, how can we track both?
You can import these from your accounting integration or import them manually. You can have more than one type of tag!

Two separate policies example: receipts required for reimbursements, but not for credit card, under a certain amount.
For your scenario, I'd recommend creating one Policy for credit cards (and assigning one set of rules for that one), and one Policy for the other expenses.

What is the area that multiple policies causes problems? Scheduled submit?
The admin can quickly get out of control if you have many policies (like one policy per user). The word of warning is just to not create unnecessary Policies as it creates extra admin. If you have one user who legitimately needs to use multiple Policies, Scheduled Submit will put ALL their expenses on the one Policy, so they will want to set their default to Personal and do everything manually.

Reports are flagged for review but not just rejected for any violation, correct?
That's right! When a report is manually submitted, violations won't be rejected, but only flagged for review.

What can you do if I need "department" and "entity" fields to mimic the GL reporting structure?
You can import these as Tags or Report Fields.

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